Viettel and Vinaphone attract customers via mobile number portability
The number of subscribers looking to join Viettel and Vinaphone was higher than the number of leavers.
15:04, 2019/02/15
Vietnam among Asia’s best countries that are surfacing as new tech centers
Most people know Vietnam for the bloody war, but the new generation will know it as the country opting for the Fourth Industrial Revolution assisted by 5G telecom services.
17:26, 2019/02/08
Vietnam builds unmanned mini-vessels
The vehicle can also run underground to check and measure data to detect illegal discharge of waste water into the sea.
15:47, 2019/01/31
Vietnamese scientist finds anti-diabetes in white rice
The discovery of Momilactones A and B suggests that eating a moderate amount of rice every day contributes to human health by reducing the risk of diabetes, gout and obesity.
17:26, 2019/01/29
Learn more about Tet in Vietnam with app "9999 TET"
The application has numerous practical contents, convenient to use on mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems.
11:17, 2019/01/26
Vietnam establishes another research room for dioxin analysis
Dioxins/Furan is the most toxic compounds in today`s chemical ones. During the Vietnam War, it was known as Agent Orange and caused sequelae on millions of Vietnamese people during the war and birth defects on children of the next generations.
14:30, 2019/01/24
Made-in-Vietnam satellite sends back first photos
Vietnam’s MicroDragon was developed by 36 Vietnamese engineers, who were sent to study space technology in top Japanese universities.
10:20, 2019/01/24
Viettel allowed to test 5G network
The Ministry of Information and Communications said that it is promoting 4G frequency licensing and testing 5G services, aiming to commercialize 5G services in 2020.
17:55, 2019/01/23
Malicious code attacks Vietnam more than 800,000 times per day
Regarding the detection of infections which are constantly updated every second, Vietnam has always been among the three most infected countries.
18:21, 2019/01/22
Vietnam needs proper approach on science and technology: DPM
The Ministry of Science and Technology is encouraged to adopt policies to encourage businesses to join science and technology activities.
17:53, 2019/01/19
Vietnam needs to invest in national artificial intelligence strategy
Artificial intelligence development will be an opportunity for Vietnam to promote the application of new technologies, and complete the cause of industrialization and modernization in the country.
17:04, 2019/01/18
Made-in-Vietnam satellite enters space
MicroDragon satellite is designed to take photos to monitor the quality of coastal waters to serve the fishery and aquaculture industry in Vietnam.
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