‘No one is left behind’: Foreigners are vaccinated in Hanoi
Hanoitimes 14:09, 2021/09/12
Locals and expats in Hanoi are subjects of the largest-ever Covid-19 vaccination campaign in Vietnam.

Thousands of foreigners and overseas Vietnamese currently living in Hanoi were vaccinated yesterday, September 11.

The vaccination campaign was held in four districts with a large number of foreigners including Hoan Kiem, Tay Ho, Cau Giay, and Nam Tu Liem.

According to Deputy Spokeswoman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pham Thu Hang, the government views vaccinating foreigners as part of its drive to achieve herd immunity.

“The Vietnamese government supports foreigners living, studying, and working in Vietnam, treating all in case of illness,” she said at a press briefing late last month in Hanoi.

Nam Tu Liem District injected the Covid-19 vaccine to 600 foreigners at My Dinh National Stadium. Ellis Weintraub, a teacher from the US said he feels happy and doesn't care much about the origin of the vaccine.

Yoon Sungjoong - a Korean national who has been living in Vietnam for two years, said that he has long wanted to be vaccinated so that he can go to work with peace of mind. “After the first injection, I feel more secure and have no health problem,” he said.

  1. At the injection point in the Hoan Kiem District, Hohn Reilly (from the US) shared that he has been living in Vietnam for 21 years. In the context of the Covid-19 outbreak in the world, he finds Vietnam is still very safe place. “I signed up for injections about a month ago, but due to my advanced age, I was advised to wait until today. I signed up and got the shot right away,” he said.
Around 1:45pm on September 11 at a vaccination point set up at Vietnam - Russia International Eye Hospital, Thang Long International Village, everything was ready for vaccination. About 400 foreigners and overseas Vietnamese currently living in Vietnam get vaccinated. A health worker checked body temperature of foreign nationals waiting to be injected

Robert James Leicester (Australia), a teacher from Nguyen Sieu School told The Hanoi Times that the pandemic control and prevention measure adopted by Hanoi authority is effective. “Hanoi has very few cases and even now they’re going down. I’m grateful about that,” he said. A health worker was helping Robert fill out a vaccination registration form.

Before being administered the Covid-19 vaccine, foreigners are be tested for coronavirus. In the photo: a medical staff took a sample of Kuajoh Fabrice from Togo for Covid-19 test. 
After the Covid-19 test was completed, foreigners are instructed to move to the vaccination area.
A health worker from Vietnam - Russia International Eye Hospital showed the vaccine for Happimess, a Nigenian national.  
  1. At exactly 4 pm., the Vietnam - Russia International Eye Hospital has completed the vaccination for all foreigners who were present at the facility. Currently, the Cau Giay District is compiling the list of foreigners who need to be vaccinated against Covid-19 in the locality. They will get the first jabs in the shortest time.

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