Hanoians stay at home and enjoy firework display on Vietnam Television
Hanoitimes 00:48, 2021/02/12
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Hanoi holds a dazzling firework display at a single venue in town.

Hanoi holds a dazzling firework display of both low-range and high-altitude at a single place – the Thong Nhat Park on Lunar New Year's Eve, which falls on February 11.

Without the crowd, the firework is broadcasted live on national television.
The firework show this year features both low-range and high-altitude firework displays.  
Previously, the Hanoi Party Committee has decided to cancel the firework displays in 30 places citywide as the Covid-19 pandemic is spreading widely.
Hanoi normally holds 30 fireworks shows across the city yearly, with five big ones at Hoan Kiem Lake, Thong Nhat Park, Lac Long Quan Flower Garden, Van Quan Lake and My Dinh National Stadium.
As the third pandemic wave is predicted to prolong in Vietnam, Hanoi authorities have banned gatherings near its one-and-only fireworks display location to help curb the spread of a recent Covid-19 outbreak. 
The firework show is considered one of the most important activities to celebrate the Lunar New Year in Vietnam.
As the colorful lights and the uproar of the fireworks in the night sky are believed to drive away the bad luck and the evils. 
The Thong Nhat Park is roared with sounds of cannons firing firework during 15 minutes.
Launching fireworks is also a way to say goodbye the old year and welcome the New Year.  
The expense for the fireworks is mobilized from the private sector.
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