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What foreign ambassadors say about Vietnam's coronavirus fight?
Linh Pham 07:51, 2020/05/28
It seems that Vietnam has adapted to a "new normal state" after it reopened the economy in late April.

Vietnam has initially contained the novel coronavirus and reopened the economy after efforts that are considered timely and meticulous. The country’s primary results have earned ambassadors' remarks about its fight against the pandemic.

 Vietnam's early response to the pandemic has proven effective. Photo: Zing

At a time of writing, Vietnam confirmed 327 coronavirus infections and no deaths.

Ambassadors told local media and shared their thoughts with Hanoitimes about Vietnam’s response to Covid-19.

Caitlin Wiesen, UNDP Resident Representative in Vietnam. Photo: UNDP

Caitlin Wiesen, UNDP Resident Representative in Vietnam said since the world has been in the throes of grappling with the global Covid-19 pandemic, “Vietnam has been managing the response and containment impressively.” “Vietnam’s exemplary handling of Covid-19 is a powerful demonstration that committed leadership, early, decisive, evidence-based action is the best way to prevent future crises.”

 Dan Kritenbrink, US Ambassador to Vietnam. Photo: US Embassy in Vietnam

Dan Kritenbrink, US Ambassador to Vietnam, said “I want to commend the government of Vietnam which has done an outstanding job in its response to Covid-19 and continues to be proactive, cooperative, and transparent”. “I simply say thank you to all of the people in Vietnam working on the front lines of this fight. Your work is saving lives.”

The ambassador said the US has supported Vietnam in this fight since the very beginning of this crisis. Health team in the Embassy in Hanoi and Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City has been collaborating with the government of Vietnam to monitor and respond to the evolving Covid-19 situation. He noted: “We will continue this important work as the Covid-19 crisis continues and even after it’s resolved.”

 Ambassador of Mexico to Vietnam Sara Valdes Bolaño. Photo: Mexican Secretariat of Foreign Affairs

Ambassador of Mexico to Vietnam Sara Valdes Bolaño said: “The Embassy of Mexico congratulates the government of Vietnam on its successful strategy in the fight to contain the Covid-19 epidemic in the country. The actions undertaken by Vietnam have been widely commended both by diplomats in Hanoi and international media.”

“The embassy is currently implementing as a priority the government of Mexico’s directive to provide consular assistance to Mexican nationals abroad, especially those affected in one way or another by the pandemic and its consequences. The embassy trusts it can count on the support of the Vietnamese authorities in this endeavor.”

 Ambassador of Italy to Vietnam Antonio Alessandro. Photo: Italy’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

Ambassador of Italy to Vietnam Antonio Alessandro: “The Vietnamese authorities have reacted very well so far, since the very beginning of the epidemic. Although the number of cases is limited compared with the rest of the world, the government has introduced drastic preventive measures such as the suspension of entry for all foreigners, a strict traceability of the suspected infections and the compulsory social distancing for the resident population. These measures have proved to be very effective, as confirmed by the WHO and several international experts.”

“Their success is also due to the Vietnamese people who have strictly followed the instructions and have given priority to public health. The experience of SARS in 2003 and the lessons learned on that occasion have also helped Vietnam in preparing an effective response.”

 Norway’s Ambassador to Vietnam Grete Lochen. Photo: Embassy of Norway in Vietnam

Norway’s Ambassador to Vietnam Grete Lochen: “I am very impressed with what the Government of Vietnam has done so far to combat the coronavirus nationally, regionally and internationally.”

“Since the very early stage, you have proactively taken strong actions to isolate and prevent the virus from spreading through information campaigns, medical and administrative measures, such as tracing and testing of people, quarantine arrangements, closing of schools and the most recent measure of social distancing.”

“Vietnam has been actively sharing information and encouraging cooperation regarding Covid-19 within the ASEAN, and just recently took initiative in holding Special ASEAN Summit and Special ASEAN+3 Summit on the Covid-19 response through video conferences, for the first time.”

“It is encouraging to see Vietnam, while trying its best to control the spread of Covid-19 domestically, has started to reach out assisting its neighboring countries, ASEAN member States, and partners with medical equipment and face masks.

It is solidarity in practice!”

 British Ambassador to Vietnam Gareth Ward. Photo: UK Embassy in Vietnam

British Ambassador to Vietnam Gareth Ward said: “We’re very fortunate to live and work in Vietnam.”

The ambassador said in a video clip calling on British citizens in Vietnam to protect themselves and others: “You should stay at home as much as possible, and if you need to go outside, always wear a face mask to keep a minimum distance of two meters from people outside your household.”

“These restrictions are carried out to ensure public health and safety in Vietnam, and we urge you to comply with local laws and customs, to avoid getting fined or punished.” “We should not expect to be treated differently from local people. So, please respect the law, respect Vietnamese cultural norms and show that you’re playing your part in helping to tackle this global pandemic.”

 Robyn Mudie, Australian Ambassador to Vietnam. Photo: Australian Embassy in Vietnam

Robyn Mudie, Australian Ambassador to Vietnam said: “The Vietnamese government is doing an outstanding job in combatting the coronavirus.” She affirmed that there’s “no reason to doubt” Vietnam’s coronavirus figures after many were skeptical about the transparency of the infections and deaths.

 Canadian Ambassador to Vietnam, Deborah Paul. Photo: Canada’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Canadian Ambassador to Vietnam Deborah Paul: “Let me commend Vietnamese leaders and civil servants for their early and decisive response to the pandemic through effective community education, systematic contact tracing, and social distancing.”

 New Zealand Ambassador to Vietnam Wendy Matthews. Photo: New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

New Zealand Ambassador to Vietnam Wendy Matthews: As Chair of ASEAN 2020, Vietnam has been active in uniting the bloc's state members to effective respond to the Covid-19 thanks to the foundation of a common funding against the pandemic. This is a great step for Vietnam in particular and for the whole region.

 Dato’ Shariffah Norhana Syed Mustaffa, Ambassador of Malaysia to Vietnam. Photo: Businesstimes

Dato’ Shariffah Norhana Syed Mustaffa, ambassador of Malaysia to Vietnam: “Through my observation, I can see that Vietnam has been doing well in controlling this global virus outbreak.”

“I believe that Vietnam’s results so far have shown that the country is winning the war against Covid-19 partly due to the availability of information, transparency of government and effective communication with the people, as well as, the urgency the government has shown in prioritizing the well-being and protection of its people’s health through decisive and essential measures.”

The ambassador emphasized: “Despite having limited resources in conducting mass testing upon its citizens, Vietnam has acted swiftly in tackling this issue from the get-go.”

Saadi Salama, Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Vietnam, who was also student of the Faculty of Vietnamese studies and language at University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH), Vietnam National University, during 1980-1984. Photo: USSH

Saadi Salama, Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Vietnam: “I strongly believe that with the support and compliance by Vietnamese people and the community of foreigners in Vietnam, Hanoi will definitely win the battle against the pandemic”.

Cuban Ambassador to Vietnam Lianys Torres Rivera at a meeting with Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc on April 17. Photo: VGP

Cuban Ambassador to Vietnam Lianys Torres Rivera said that the strong and drastic measures of prevention and control of the Vietnamese Government have brought about the results so far.

Solidary and discipline in the fight against the pandemic among locals are among reasons contributing to that success that has been recognized worldwide and Vietnam completely deserves this recognition, she said.

“With the very positive results that Vietnam has achieved in the fight against Covid-19, being foreigners, we feel very safe and secure when living in Vietnam,” the ambassador shared her feelings.

Former Japanese Ambassador to Vietnam Kunio Umeda at a meeting with Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc in March. Photo: VGP

Former Japanese Ambassador to Vietnam Kunio Umeda said at a farewell meeting with Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc on March 24 that the government of Vietnam had taken drastic measures since the beginning of the outbreak, leaving the populous country with a low rate of infections.

The situation leaves investors from Japan and other countries with the secure feeling to work in Vietnam, he said.

 Jean-Noël Poirier, former French Ambassador to Vietnam. Source: Mon Hanoi documentary 

Jean-Noël Poirier, former French Ambassador to Vietnam said in Vietnam, group protection takes precedence over all other considerations. Individual freedom will wait.

If one of the F1s (suspected) tested positive. All of his contacts (F2) then become F1 and are sent in turn to quarantine and tested. And so on. This pyramid monitoring work of the infected and at risk population is a meticulous work.

If this policy works and works for a population of almost 100 million people, it is simply because it is approved and applied by the entire population.

“An obvious lesson is that in the face of adversity, a united, disciplined and, if possible, well-led group always prevails over a mass of autonomous individuals who are resistant to authority,” he emphasized.

 Former US Ambassador to Vietnam Michael Michalak, Senior Vice-President and Regional Managing Director of the US-ASEAN Business Council. Photo: ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute

Former American Ambassador to Vietnam Michael Michalak, who is Senior Vice President and Regional Director of the US–ASEAN Business Council, said Vietnam seems to walk on the water while many countries are submerged with SARS-CoV-2 and the country has the right to be proud even though the war continues.

The Covid-19 pandemic makes countries and businesses realize that global supply chains need to be relocated and that they could not rely on China or any single country, but should be diversified. Vietnam has appeared to be a perfect destination for businesses that want to shift their supply chains.

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