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What does Emmanuel Macron's disenchantment mean for the EU?
Ambassador Tran Duc Mau 13:26, 2022/06/22
Macron's political alliance "Ensemble!" loses its comfortable majority in France's newly elected parliament, remains the biggest fraction but needs partners to form a new government.

France's President Emmanuel Macron got a slap in the face in the recent parliamentary election. His political alliance "Ensemble!" loses its comfortable majority in France's newly elected parliament, remains the biggest faction but needs allies to form a new government. The French are reminded of the circumstances after their parliamentary elections in 1988.

 Macron meets voters at Le Touquet, France, on June 19. Source: AFP/VNA

But the difference between now and 1988 is the newly elected parliament has not only one but more opposition parties: the Leftist coalition New Ecological and Social People's Union (NUPES), the far-right National Rally party, and the Les Republicans as the three biggest. All three don't want to form a coalition government with Macron's Ensemble!. That would mean the renaissance of 1988 cohabitation is now impossible. That implies that this man is facing the risk to become a "lame duck" in his second five-year term as France's president which only began some weeks ago.

He has been disenchanted, so clearly and quickly that media in Europe has already spoken of "the end of Macron's era". And the disenchanting Emmanuel Macron will have a profound impact on the EU's future. He is widely considered the most pro-European one among all French presidents until now. He has ideals and visions aimed at making the EU strong and prosperous. He has proven himself as someone whom the EU needs to have as a leader to steer and direct the EU in rough times of crisis and challenges. But the parliamentary election result forced him to share powers with others in France so that he couldn't be or become a strong president anymore. It will make life very hard for him and would not let him successfully implement his ambitious agenda for France and the EU. A weak president in France will lead to a weak France in the EU. The EU couldn't expect much from him and France anymore.

The big win of the NUPES and the National Rally party means the weakening of the political centrist factions and the radicalization of both the rightist and the leftist forces in France. And this is not good, even dangerous for the EU. The anti-EU parties and forces everywhere in Europe will get strong encouragement and motivation. The EU will be facing a time of political turbulence and without someone being capable of strong and self-confident leadership with charisma and visions. The outcome of the parliamentary election in France was unprecedented for this country and a bad, maybe a fateful omen for the EU.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by Ambassador Tran Duc Mau are of his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Hanoi Times.

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