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Vietnam’s government launches e-cabinet
Ngoc Mai 14:50, 2019/06/24
The government expects e-cabinet would help reduce average time of meetings by 30% compared to previous years and shift towards the use of e-documents in all gatherings.
The Vietnamese government is set to launch the e-cabinet system today, aiming to transform itself into a paperless government and better serving the people and the business community, the government portal reported. 
Illustrative photo.
Illustrative photo.
On February 27, Minister and Chairman of the Government Office Mai Tien Dung approved the plan to develop an e-cabinet system to enhance efficiency and transparency in government meetings and operations. 

The system, developed by Viettel Group, also supports the government in daily tasks, including sending e-documents, SMS message, and automatic reminder, among others. 

Notably, government officials could still vote and give opinion through mobile devices without having to attend the meeting in person. 

The e-cabinet system also ensures safety measures in sending and storing information on the internet. 

The government expects the platform would help reduce average time of meetings by 30% compared to previous years, while striving towards the use of e-documents in all meetings, instead of papers. 

In previous meetings, Dung said a paperless government is expected to facilitate discussions among government officials in electronic platform, saying government meetings would then only focus on resolving different opinions or voting, Dung added. 

Additionally, Dung stressed the necessity for public officials to change the mindset from working on paper-printed to e-documents, which is a major factor contributing towards the goal of building e-government. 

In line with the goal, the government on March 12 launched the National E-document Exchange Platform. 

Using e-documents in replacement of paper documents would help facilitate efficiency and transparency during the working process, contributing to administrative reform and improvements in the business environment, Phuc said at the launching ceremony.

Last July, PM Phuc signed Decision 28 regulating the sending and receipt of e-documents among government agencies in the state administrative system via such platform. 

According to Decision 28, e-document means a document in the form of data message created or digitized from a paper document using a protocol or format specified by a competent state agency. 

E-documents that bear a digital signature in accordance with law and are sent and received through the platform have the same legal validity as paper documents and may substitute for paper documents. 

Every e-document shall be sent right on the day when it is signed or in the morning of the subsequent working day. After being received, incoming e-documents which are legally valid shall be promptly processed without having to wait for paper documents, if any.

In case of urgency, e-document shall be put in the priority mode clearly stating the urgency level, sent immediately after a digital signature is put on it and submitted or transferred for processing right after being received.
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