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Online application for Vietnamese passport to start June 1
Anh Kiet 16:45, 2022/05/31
The move aims to provide more convenience to citizens and promote the transparency of public administration.

The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) will grant ordinary passports (without electronic chips) to Vietnamese citizens from June 1, according to the Immigration Department of Vietnam.

To perform this, Vietnamese citizens can access the public service portal of the Government at http://dichvucong.gov.vn or the MPS public service portal at http://dichvucong.bocongan.gov.vn to make an online declaration, pay fees online and receive their passports by post or collect them at the immigration offices.

An immigration officer explains to a citizen how to apply for passports online. Photo: Hanoi Police

In doing so, citizens will fill out form X01, submit their email address, a portrait photo to be added to the passport, choose the way of receiving their passports and finally pay the service fee.

The online issuance of ordinary passports is applicable to those residing in the country with a valid chip-embedded identity card or a valid 12-digit citizen ID card, a valid account on the Government Public Service Portal, and the ability to pay online fees.

People who are not able to make online applications can still apply for their passports in-person at the immigration offices.

The move aims to provide more convenience to citizens and promote the transparency of public administration.

It is part of the ministry’s effort to implement the Government’s initiated Project on “Developing the data application data on population, electronic identification and authentication for national digital transformation in the period of 2022-2025, with a vision to 2030.”

Under the Immigration Department’s plan, online passport application has in fact been piloted since May 15 at the Immigration Department and the Immigration Office under the Hanoi Municipal Police Department. From June 16, the service will be provided nationwide.

Along with issuing passports without electronic chips via online public services, the Immigration Department has recently implemented other procedures, including the declaration of foreigners’ temporary residence in Vietnam at the provincial-level police’s website; granting entry permits to foreigners entering the country at the Immigration Portal; and issuing permits to foreign arrivals under international treaties to which the country is a member. 

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