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Vietnamese diplomat cements Australia and Vietnam relations
Minh Vu 17:38, 2022/08/03
Through her frequent interaction with the public, especially youth, women, and the media, Madam Ninh is known as one of the public figures with an influential voice in Vietnam.

Madam Ton Nu Thi Ninh, a veteran Vietnamese diplomat, has been appointed as patron in Vietnam of the Australia-Vietnam Leadership Dialogue (AVLD).

 Madam Ton Nu Thi Ninh, a veteran Vietnamese diplomat, former Vietnamese Ambassador to the European Union, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Photos: AVLD

Madam Ninh is joining AVLD alongside Patron in Australia, General Sir Peter Cosgrove. She will commence with AVLD for a 2-year period to help enhance relations, cooperation, and understanding between Vietnam and Australia through AVLD – an independent non-profit initiative that is aimed to nurture relationships, promote engagement and incubate collaboration between Australian and Vietnamese leaders from a broad spectrum of society.

AVLD, through people-to-people links, believes the bilateral relationship between Australia and Vietnam can be strengthened to contribute to the development of each respective nation.

Madam Ninh, through her frequent interaction with the public, especially youth, women, and the media, is known as one of the public figures with a meaningful voice in Vietnam.

In accepting the position, she said both Australia and Vietnam are in the Asia-Pacific, and their commitments to shared security, prosperity and friendship, enriched by the important Vietnamese Australian community.

She stressed the importance of investing in the future and sustainability of this significant relationship by spurring and cross-connecting young leaders on both sides, including Vietnamese Australians.

“At the end of the day, it's about people, especially young people. When people meet, talk, debate, disagree and share, this is the true way to a meaningful and lasting relationship,” she said, emphasizing that “Through this role, I hope to continue making one more contribution toward my life commitment to international peace and mutual understanding and to Vietnam's and its youth's deserved place among the community of nations.”

 Dr Melissa Jardine, AVLD Chair, presents Madam Ninh with flowers to welcome her as AVLD Patron in Vietnam.

AVLD Chair, Dr Melissa Jardine, welcomed Madam Ninh’s wealth of academic and diplomatic experience and expertise to the organization, noting that her support as Co-Patron will allow AVLD to accelerate our goal of empowering young leaders and strengthening the bilateral links between Australia and Vietnam.

General Sir Peter Cosgrove said “I welcome the appointment of Madam Ton Nu Thi Ninh as AVLD’s Patron in Vietnam. Her extensive experience as a diplomat and educator will bring enormous benefits to AVLD’s mission to strengthen the Australia-Vietnam relationship, especially through the talented young leaders in the AVLD network.”

Madam Ninh is former Ambassador of Vietnam to the European Union, Belgium, and the Netherlands. She also served as the Deputy Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Vietnamese National Assembly.

Currently, she acts as President of the Ho Chi Minh City Peace and Development Foundation, keenly focusing on raising awareness of sustainable development, empowerment of women and youth, international integration, nation branding, and the Vietnamese diaspora.

With a career spanning academia, diplomacy and public service, Madam Ninh’s first career was in academia at the Sorbonne (Paris), before serving as a diplomat for Vietnam for over two decades. She brings a wealth of international experience and has demonstrated a life-long commitment to the development of Vietnam both domestically and in the international sphere.

Madam Ninh has been awarded the French Legion d'Honneur (Commandeur), the Belgian Order of Leopold II, and the Vietnamese Medal of Labor – First Class.