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Vietnam levies fines for littering streets from August
Anh Kiet 16:41, 2022/07/20
The maximum fine for an administrative violation in the field of environmental protection is VND1 billion (nearly $42,700) for individuals and VND2 billion (over $85,000) for organizations.

People who are seen littering streets, sidewalks, and sewage systems will be fined VND1-2 million (US$43-86), according to a decree issued by the Vietnamese Government.

The new regulation will come into force on August 25.

Besides, the dumping of sewage on sidewalks and streets, and the disposal of plastic waste in ponds, lakes, canals, rivers, streams and the sea will also be fined.

A spontaneous landfill next to Quang Ba flower market in Hanoi's Tay Ho District. Photo: Quang The

In residential, commercial, and service centers, people who dispose of garbage and sewage in undesignated places could face a fine of between VND500,000 to VND1 million ($21.4 - 42.8).

Fines from VND100,000 to 150,000 ($4.3-6.4) will be imposed on those failing to dispose of cigarette butts in designated spots inside residential, commercial and service or public areas. Acts of urinating or defecating in public places other than a restroom will be penalized with fines of up to VND250,000 ($10.7).

Transporting construction materials such as sand and dirt without proper cover, causing them to spill onto the streets, will result in fines of VND2-4 million ($85.7 - 171.4).

If failure to use specialized vehicles by transport units leads to leakage of material into the environment, the fine would be up to VND15 million ($641).

The management bodies of parks, entertainment venues, tourist areas, markets, railway and bus stations, piers and ports will face a fine of up to VND20 million ($856) if they fail to ensure adequate sanitation facilities, as well as guarantee waste collection efficiency with sufficient equipment and human resources.

The 2020 Law on Environmental Protection provides that the maximum fine for an administrative violation in the field of environmental protection is VND1 billion (nearly $42,700) for individuals and VND2 billion (over $85,000) for organizations. The statute of limitations for handling the administrative violation is two years.

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