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Vietnam seeks to contribute to peace and stability in Asia
Hai Yen 21:11, 2022/05/26
Amid growing challenges of global food security, Vietnam would further enhance the exports of food and agricultural products.

Vietnam seeks to contribute to peace and stability in Asia and the world and remains steadfast in pursuing an independent foreign policy based on multilateralism and active integration into the global community.

 Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh at the event. Source: VNA

“The Vietnamese Government considers the people at the center and engine for growth, and is committed to ensuring social justice and advancement, along with a healthy cultural and social environment.”

Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh gave the remarks at the 27th International Conference on the future of Asia held in Tokyo on May 26.

This year’s event, themed “Redefining Asia’s role in a divided world,” focuses on discussing the regional and global situation, for which leaders from countries such as Japan, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Singapore, and Cambodia would propose solutions to enhance the role of Asia in facilitating peace, stability, and prosperity in a fast-changing world.

In his speech, Minh noted the Asian region is going through a profound and historical transformation, especially with the emergence of Industry 4.0; rising geopolitical tension and confrontation; and severe impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Minh stressed that Asian countries had overcome the crises in the past during the periods 1997-1998, and 2008-2009, as well as the pandemic.

He referred to the forecast that Asia would remain the world’s fastest economic growth engine and contribute to 50% of the world GDP by 2030 from the current 45%.

To further strengthen Asia’s role in promoting peace, stability, and prosperity in the region and the world, Minh called for countries to step up efforts in guarding peace, stability, and development in the region via cooperation, understanding, trust, and responsibility.

“At a time when the world is focusing its efforts to deal with unprecedented challenges, first and foremost, countries should be responsible in dealing with these issues with mutual respect, cooperation, and benefit,” he said.

Minh called for peaceful resolutions to address territorial disputes in the East Sea, which should be based on international law, such as the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

Meanwhile, Asia should be pioneering in promoting multilateralism and cooperation, while a global approach is needed to solve global issues.

Minh expected countries should stay hand in hand in promoting growth in each country and the region, therefore maintaining Asia’s role as one of the key growth drivers for the world.

“Each Asian country should build a self-reliant economy in line with global integration, high resilience against external shocks, and cooperate to deal with challenging issues,” he said.

As one of the world’s hubs for digital technologies and transformation, Minh suggested Asia develop a new engine for science-technology development, green growth, and startups.

Meanwhile, Asia also needs to foster integration and cooperation with its key partners around the world, as the recovery in the post-pandemic period would depend on the continent’s capabilities of maintaining trade and investment activities within the region and with other partners.

In this context, Minh said Japan is playing a key role in the region’s economic structure and value chains.

“Based on a high level of trust and understanding between Vietnam and Japan, both have huge potential to strengthen cooperation and contribute to peace, stability, and prosperity in the region and the world,” Minh added.

“Vietnam continues to be a credible friend and partner for countries around the world and a responsible member of the international community.”

Minh said Vietnam has made a high level of commitment at the COP26 to contribute to the world’s efforts of promoting green and sustainable growth.

Amid growing challenges of food security, Minh said Vietnam would further enhance the exports of food and agricultural products.

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