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Vietnam reports over 5,400 cyber-attacks in first five months
Anh Kiet 14:25, 2022/06/12
It is more difficult for criminals to commit their crimes on the virtual environment via spreading malware, cheating people, or destroying valuable data of users.

Vietnam recorded more than 5,400 cyber-attacks in the first five months of 2021, including 930 phishing, 776 deface, and 3,757 malware, according to the Authority of Information Security (AIS) under the Ministry of Information and Communications.

In May alone, AIS's Vietnam National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) identified, issued warnings and handled 847 cyberattacks (161 phishing, 226 deface, and 460 malware), a decrease of 9.7% compared to April, but still leaving serious consequences on information systems in the country.

 In May alone, the NCSC handled 847 cyber-attacks. 

This drop is attributed to a more stable socio-economic situation nationwide, an increase in vigilance towards cyber dangers, and more focus on measures to ensure cyber security or public security.

Therefore, it is more difficult for criminals to commit their crimes in the virtual environment via spreading malware, cheating people, or destroying valuable data of users.

The NCSC also warned of fraudulent cases related to Covid-19, including impersonating civil servants, selling medical products of unknown origin, stealing personal data, making fake calls for charity support, and marketing deceptive products and services.

Phishing attacks were based on old techniques, but they take advantage of content and information presented in new ways, especially information related to the Covid-19 pandemic, leading to confusion and loss of vigilance among people.

Information security experts have continuously warned and recommended internet and social network users in Vietnam to increase their vigilance and take safety measures to protect themselves and their relatives from increasingly sophisticated online scams.

The damage caused by computer viruses was estimated at VND24.4 trillion (US$1.06 billion) last year when 70.7 million computers were attacked, according to a report released in December by cybersecurity firm Bkav.

In 2021, the Authority of Information Security recorded and issued more than 9,700 attacks on cyberspace. Attackers took advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic to spread fake news and create more forms of phishing attacks to steal money.

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