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Vietnam to display birthplace information in new passports
Anh Kiet 20:38, 2022/11/16
The addition will not require further administrative procedures and will not entail any additional cost for citizens.

Vietnam's National Assembly (NA) on November 15 passed a resolution allowing the display of birthplace on the personal information page of passports, which should be implemented before January 1, 2023.


 Vietnam's new passport has blue covers (L), contrasting with the old one in green. Photo: Do Trung

The move aims to complete the information that some countries require for Vietnam's new passports which were issued in July 2022. 

The government is aware that this change needs to be done before January 1, 2023, to make it easier for citizens to apply for visas, enter the country, stay there, and complete other relevant tasks, particularly in the Czech Republic and other Schengen nations.

Lack of birthplace in the new passports has resulted in the refusal by some countries. Earlier, Minister of Public Security General To Lam said that as of July 27, several European countries suspended issuing visas to holders of Vietnam's new passport because it does not contain information about the place of birth.

The government then ordered the Ministry of Public Security and Vietnamese representative agencies abroad to endorse the blue-covered passport with information about birthplace. The measure has been temporarily accepted by other countries, but some said they only accept it until the end of 2022, after which the new passport must have the date of birth explicit in personal information.

Lam affirmed that the measure will not require further administrative procedures and will not entail any additional costs for citizens.

Each new passport page is printed with images of famous Vietnamese scenic landscapes and cultural heritages. The old green-covered passports will remain valid until they expire.

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