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Unique motels in Da Lat
Vietnamnet 15:41, 2016/05/29
Visiting the city of flowers, travelers will not only see beautiful flower fields, but many famous sights, including strange motels.
1/ Tube-shaped hostel


unique motels in da lat hinh 0

The Circle Hostel is built with a unique style using the round tubular construction of the room and decorated with different colors. The hotel is located between a pine forest, and you can look down the valley and hill.

The hotel is very close to the city center: 5 minutes by motorbike to Da Lat Market, 3 minutes of intercity bus station Phuong Trang/cable car, 15 minutes down the Tuyen Lam Lake tourist area…

The hotel has 10 round tubular colorful and unique rooms. The rental is reasonable, $10/night/one person, $12.5/night for 2 persons, $15/night for three persons.

The rooms have the same area, including a small bed with mattress and drawers…

In addition to the unique shape, the rooms are decorated with different colors, and are cheerful, youthful, with lively layout. Due to the special design, tube-shaped rooms have not much space to put the toilet inside so there is a separate toilet and bathroom outside, which is very close to the rooms.

With the advantage of a beautiful location, situated on a small hill, quite wide and beautiful views from their rooms, visitors can see the pine forest, residential or garden terraces, garden fruit of households … On the high hill in early morning and evening you can see smog covering the whole valley below.

At night is the best time to have a campfire, gather with friends or relatives, while watching the city lights up. You can also enjoy coffee, tea free artichokes, good books and sightseeing or bonfire, BBQ with friends ….

2/ Tre's house


unique motels in da lat hinh 1

Arriving at Tre’s House … you may question“Are you sure it’s a hotel?" But Tre’s House is actually a hotel. In Tre’s House space, everything is chaotic … But it appears to be art.

The room at the Tre is small, more beautiful. But in return, guests interested in gardening, farming can find their own fairyland behind mini farm. Also here, in the evening, visitors can campfire, open outdoor barbecue and sing.

Tre is different from other places because of the old and quaint household items such as tables, cabinets, chairs, beds, are all made of wood, bamboo and recycled furniture, decorated as a unique installations.

Tre has a total of 3 rooms, each room for 2 to 3 people. Room rates are $20-$25, while the dormitory is suitable for your group, only $12/person.

3. Beepub Hostel


unique motels in da lat hinh 2

Beepub is a cheap hostel, suitable for backpackers. Beepub impress guests with vibrant colors from outside to inside.

Located on Truong Cong Dinh Street, this colorful house is called the "tiger cage" hotel, a favorite of foreign backpackers.

This is a kind of cheap hotel that offers both dorms and private rooms that has appeared in Da Lat in recent years. Each room has 6-8 beds designed as "tiger cages". The rent is only VND95,000 to VND120,000/night ($3-$6).

Each bed is numbered, with the name of the tenant.

Each room is decorated in a different style. All furniture in the room are lovely and harmonious. Each bed is equipped with basic personal items.

Beepub has three dorm rooms, where many people can share, and eight single rooms.

Between the beds are partitions to ensure private space for guests. Single rooms are designed with light-filled space. There is also a swing in single rooms and the floor is paved with gravels.

In addition, it also has a separate area for tourists where they can write their diary and share their feelings about the hostel.

4. Lu Tan

unique motels in da lat hinh 3

The Lu Tan Hotel is located on the end of the Tran Hung Dao Road. Lu Tan looks like another normal villas, with the simple, airy and friendly design but still is comfortable and convenient. This is the ideal place for tourists when they travel to Da Lat.

Without security and reception, tourists will be welcomed by the gentle homeowner, which creates a warm and satisfied feeling when coming to this hotel.

According to one of the three homeowners of Lu Tan, the hotel has inspiration from Tuscany, Italy with the large garden, lake with Koi fish and the small yard with the white gravel, which is the ideal place for the tourist for sunbathing, taking coffee, web surfing or listening to music.

The Lu Tan Hotel includes 3 floors with 9 rooms and 9 different topics and styles. The general style is simple, elegant and bright with the blue, green, yellow and white color. Each room has the beautiful garden behind the hotel.

Although the rooms are not large, the homeowners use the large area for common space such as: public lobby, kitchen, library and music room, which creates the feel like they are at home. The rooms are full of the Da Lat elegant light.

All the furniture of the hotel is made of wood and decorated with small items which are exquisite. A

The second floor of the hotel is the public lobby, tourists can talk with another persons, read books or anything they want. People usually sit around the heater and enjoy the grilled food, wine and music.

Everything in the hotel is great, even the bathroom, which is large and has wooden bathtub with ZEN style, tourists can relax and rest. There isn't TV.

There is a pair of speakers for your phones, ipads.

The hotel also has small and clean kitchen for the tourists who want to cook. Tourists can ask staff to buy food and they can prepare 3 meals/day for themselves.

5/ Hang Nga Guest House

unique motels in da lat hinh 4

With an area of 2,000 m2 and investment of $3 million, the Hang Nga guesthouse or Crazy House on Huynh Thuc Khang Street has very unusual architecture. Open for tourists since 1990, the project has expanded with special projects like a maze.

As the intention of the architect was to make a fairytale house, the “crazy house” resembles a tree with uneven windows, tunnel-shaped stairways, etc.  Both the exterior and the interior of the guesthouse are created and decorated with twisting organic forms and very few right angles. The hollow “tree” extends in many directions, rising above to reach the sky of Da Lat.

Walking along the cave-shape hallways inside the house is an exhilarating experience, a departure from the norm; wild mushrooms and spider webs pop up on your way.  Besides, the guesthouse is a spectacular construction with 10 themed guest rooms such as the tiger room, the eagle room, the ant room and the kangaroo room… with decorations and handcrafted furniture matching the theme.

6. Homefarm

unique motels in da lat hinh 5

Homefarm is 1.5 km from Da Lat Market. Coming here, tourists will feel like being lost in a suburban house in the West, with a peaceful and beautiful setting. The two-story house has an area of over 250 m2, designed in a vintage style.

With minimalist wooden furniture, Homfarm creates a spacious, comfortable feeling for guests. There are two kinds of rooms, equipped with bunk beds or mattresses on the ground.

The campus has an area for campfire and barbecue parties. The inn is surrounded by expansive coffee hills, roses, and strawberries.

7. Le Bleu

unique motels in da lat hinh 6

This Da Lat authentic French homestay is cyan as the meaning of its name in French. It is this color that makes it attractive and well-known.

Le Bleu was well-known as a homestay inside ancient Hanoi by many youths. In early March, the host decided to build such a house in Da Lat. The 2- floor timber house, which is in the middle of a hill viewing the city center, has a good position of environment with sunny day, a little cold afternoon and night, and fresh and romantic atmosphere….

Many lovers have shared “this high-hill timber house because staying in le Bleu, you can feel its love from every small thing from the curtains to pastel- painted chair or flowers in plastic cans/ containers”. In these open days, the price seems to welcome the first renters.

Choice 1: VND700,000/ day/4 persons in a house: 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, the kitchen with enough facilities, toilet and a small garden. The maximum number is 6 persons, after the fifth person the fee is VND150,000 dong/day/ person.

Choice 2: VND400.000 dong/ day/ 2 persons for 1 bedroom, shared house with bathroom, the living room and the garden. The maximum number is 4 persons, and the third is VND150,000 dong/day.

8. La Nha Homestay

unique motels in da lat hinh 7

La Nha is expected to bring house renters a close and familiar atmosphere as in home. This homestay has a garden, a barbecue.  You can have a music party or read a book or admire dark sky with bright and sparkling stars… You can watch the garden from the living room, read multiple kinds of books in reading room or cook any dish you want in the kitchen… or do gardening by growing your own plants, mowing the lawn…

This house has a separate dorm including 10 beds in a neat and well- organized room with simple vintage style furniture of beds, chairs and a table, wardrobe… You can take beautiful photos in every corner of this house.

Besides the dorm room, you can choose either single room Violet or Tulip. Room Violet has a rusty iron bed that is originally from France. Outside the window are 4 maple trees that blossom every morning. Room Tulip includes 2 beds, which may be for 4 persons, with interesting combination of gentle colors of the bed sheet, pillow cover and wall color.

Price: VND300,000- VND650,000 per one room, VND170,000 per one bed in dorm room and VND120,000 for single tent.

Address: 77 Hoang Dieu, Da Lat.

10. Ma rung lu quan

unique motels in da lat hinh 8

Hidden in the forest of Da Nghit Village in Lat Commune, Lac Duong District of Da Lat City is an eco-tourism site that is new to many people. The site is called by an impressive name which arouses curiosity: “Ma Rung Lu Quan” (forest ghost inn).

Upon arrival, tourists will find that the atmosphere and view are a harmonious combination of nature, romantic and wild scenery and artificial touches.

Here, tourists can stay in wooden houses built in European style by the lake or homes in traditional style of ethnic communities in the Central Highlands.

Coming to Ma Rung Lu Quan, tourists can enjoy cool weather in Da Lat next and a cup of hot coffee by the peaceful lake in the morning, and sit by a fire at a barbeque party. Sometimes, the owner of the place will sit down with visitors to play a guitar, and sing and tell stories about the land of Da Lat.

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