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Thriving Vietnam-S.Korea relations benefit both countries: PM
Ngoc Mai 15:16, 2024/07/01
Vietnam places a high value on its relationship with South Korea. It is determined to advance cooperation in a substantive, effective, and long-term manner, in line with the comprehensive strategic partnership.

Strong and thriving Vietnam-South Korea relations would bring substantial benefits for the two countries and their people.

 Delegates at the meeting. Photos: Nhat Bac

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh expressed this view at a meeting with representatives of organizations working in various fields of cooperation between Vietnam and South Korea, such as the South Korea-Vietnam Friendship Association, the Association of South Koreans Who Love Vietnam, the South Korean Business Association in Vietnam, and football coach Park Hang-seo on June 30 at Seoul.

At the meeting, the President of the Korean International Volunteer Organization Yun Eun Ho praised Vietnam as one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia. Highlighting the many cultural and historical similarities between the two nations, he asserted that these have cultivated an affinity between their peoples.

He quoted President Ho Chi Minh as saying that nothing is difficult, and with determination, mountains can be moved and seas can be filled and recalled the South Korean President's statement that Vietnam is a key partner in the country’s foreign policy in Southeast Asia and the Indo-Pacific Strategy.

Chairman of the Korea-Vietnam Economic and Cultural Exchange Association (KOVECA) Kwon Sung Taek emphasized that Vietnam is a close neighbor and a dear friend of Korea, with the two countries even becoming "in-laws."

"Visiting  Vietnam is a hot topic among South Korean businessmen, as Vietnam is a top choice for South Korean travelers. Therefore, before this visit, our expectations were higher than for any previous visit by government leaders or heads of state to South Korea," he said.

Former head coach of the Vietnamese national football team, Park Hang-seo, stated that the victories of the Vietnamese team bring joy not only to Vietnamese fans but also to South Koreans. He noted that football has created links outside the game , enhancing mutual understanding between the two peoples. He committed to continuing his efforts in this endeavor.

 Former coach of Vietnam's national football team, Park Hang-seo. 

Ahn Kyong-Hwan, Director of External Affairs at Nguyen Trai University (former President of the Vietnam Studies Association in Korea), mentioned his translations of works like President Ho Chi Minh's "Prison Diary," Nguyen Du's "The Tale of Kieu," Nguyen Trai's "Binh Ngo Dai Cao," General Vo Nguyen Giap's memoir "Unforgettable Years," and Dang Thuy Tram's diary. He quoted Ho Chi Minh's lines, "Poetry should have steel/ The poet should know how to fight," to illustrate the indomitable spirit of the Vietnamese people.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh expressed his delight and emotion in meeting close friends of the Vietnamese people who have continuously contributed to the Vietnam- South Korea relationship over the past 30 years. He thanked them for their heartfelt and sincere remarks, which showed a deep understanding of Vietnam and the bilateral relationship.

The Prime Minister highlighted the historical ties between the two nations, dating back to the 12th century when the Hwasan Ly and Jeongseon Ly clans from Vietnam settled in South Korea, contributing to South Korean history.

On December 22, 1992, Vietnam and Korea officially established diplomatic relations, opening a new chapter with the spirit of "closing the past, respecting differences, and looking to  the future."

 Chairman of the Association of South Koreans Who Love Vietnam Chang Ho Ick. 

Chinh affirmed that Vietnam admires and wishes to learn from South Korea's rapid development and achievements over the past decades. Since establishing relations, the bilateral partnership has grown robustly and substantively, achieving significant milestones. The two countries have become each other's leading partners in various fields, with vibrant people-to-people exchanges serving as a strong foundation for bilateral relations. Currently, over 200,000 Vietnamese live in South Korea and over 200,000 South Koreans live in Vietnam, with more than 80,000 multicultural families.

Both nations guarantee the legal and legitimate rights of their citizens to live, study, and work in each other's countries, reflecting deep affection through practical action.

Economic, trade, and investment cooperation is a key pillar and driver of bilateral relations. South Korea is the leading direct investor in Vietnam, with cumulative capital reaching $87 billion, second in development cooperation and tourism, and third in labor and trade cooperation (achieving $76 billion in 2023).

 Chairman of the South Korea-Vietnam Friendship Association Shin Jae Lee. 

Cultural exchanges are vibrant, with South Korean cultural products like films and music being naturally embraced by the Vietnamese people, partly due to cultural and historical similarities. Scientific and technological cooperation in fields like biotechnology, building materials, and semiconductors is being promoted.

Building on political trust, cultural similarities, geographical proximity, and economic complementarities, the two countries upgraded their relationship to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership on December 5, 2022, and continue to support each other on international platforms.

"In summary, the relationship between the two countries is developing strongly, comprehensively, and effectively, to the benefit of both nations and their peoples," the Prime Minister said.

People's organizations and NGOs from both countries have tirelessly organized high-impact activities, promoting exchanges and cooperation, thus laying a solid social foundation for the thriving bilateral relationship and enhancing mutual understanding and trust. The Prime Minister emphasized that Vietnam highly values its relationship with South Korea and is keen to advance cooperation in a substantive, effective, and long-term manner, in line with the comprehensive strategic partnership.

He called on South Korean investors, businesses, and citizens to continue their affection for Vietnam and turn this sentiment into concrete actions, projects, and cooperation programs. "Love more what you have already loved," he urged, encouraging commitment to action and tangible results.

He assured South Korean investors and residents in Vietnam of fair treatment and protection of their legitimate rights, contributing to the friendship between the two countries, the prosperity of both nations and the happiness and well-being of their peoples.

"Let us listen and understand each other, share our vision and actions, work together, win together, enjoy together, and develop together, with the spirit of 'harmonized interests, shared risks,'" the Prime Minister concluded.

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