31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Vietnam vows to become transparent food producer
Vietnam said a transparent agricultural market would be suitable for local people and reliable for importers.
16:29, 2022/29/07
Joint forces boost sustainable transformation in Mekong Delta
Experts from the Netherlands and international partners in Vietnam highlighted the role of green, resilience, and inclusion in the Mekong Delta's transformative framework.
10:35, 2022/35/12
Vietnamese PM meets American giant corporations in Washington
The two sides focus on cooperation in energy, infrastructure, digital transformation, and climate adaptation.
16:54, 2022/54/13
The next stage of Vietnam’s development journey: World Bank
For Vietnam to achieve the transformation it aspires to, accelerating a shift to productivity-led growth will be essential.
19:41, 2022/41/21
Vietnam removes barriers towards economic recovery: VBF 2021
The Vietnamese Government creates an equal environment among all economic sectors, including private and foreign investment, for the country's economic development.
21:47, 2021/47/16
IFC provides US$30 million for waste-to-energy plant in Vietnam
The plant is expected to begin operations in 2024 and will incinerate 500 tons of municipal and industrial solid waste every day.
22:27, 2021/27/02
World Bank okays financial support for Vietnam green growth in 2022-2025
Part of the World Bank’s US$321-million commitment is aimed to mitigate climate vulnerabilities in Vietnam’s biggest business hub of Ho Chi Minh City.
22:18, 2021/18/02
Hanoi, WB enhances cooperation toward sustainable growth
Hanoi needs foreign investment, preferential loans, and official development assistance.
17:38, 2021/38/13
Foreign investors remain confident in Vietnam: WB
Higher FDI commitments have been driven by increasing capital flow into manufacturing.
15:08, 2021/08/11
Australia enhances funding for reducing CO2 emissions in Vietnam
The grant will support Vietnam in the process of transition to a low carbon economy, social equity and inclusion, and innovation-driven growth.
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