31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Opera House to be a focal point for Hanoi
The Hanoi Opera House will not only preserve cultural values ​​that have survived over time in the capital city but also build an advanced culture, approaching the quintessential values of the world.
14:14, 2022/14/14
Hanoi seeks public consultation on new opera house project
The opera house, designed with a seating capacity of around 3,500, is expected to become a new cultural symbol of the capital city.
16:32, 2021/32/05
Hanoi required to verify accusations of molestation toward foreigners in West Lake
Local police are investigating the incidents shortly after the cases reported.
05:47, 2020/47/24
Ho Tay Flower Valley: An ideal destination for flower lovers in Hanoi
For a long time, Ho Tay Flower Valley has been an ideal destination to visitors in and around Hanoi. The ‘heaven of flowers’ attracts travelers from both genders and all ages who wish to admire Hanoi seasonal flowers.
08:59, 2020/59/18
Ho Tay Flower Valley: An ideal venue to take photos in Hanoi
Located in Nhat Chieu street, near Dam Tri lotus pond in the West Lake area, Ho Tay Flower Valley has recently become a tourist attraction for many Hanoians.
20:37, 2020/37/16
Thuy Trung Tien Temple – a spiritual destination of Hanoi
Thuy Trung Tien Temple (formerly known as Cau Nhi or ‘Puppy’ Temple) is located in Thanh Nien Street, on the shore of the Truc Bach Lake with superb panoramic view.
18:07, 2020/07/27
Snapshots of beautiful West lake in Hanoi
With a serene and tranquil beauty, West lake in Hanoi would definitely be an escape for those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of modern life.
15:06, 2020/06/23
Hanoi to complete planning West lake
West lake and its surrounding area in Hanoi will be planned to become a cultural and spiritual destination for domestic and international tourists.
10:50, 2020/50/04
How Hanoi’s lotus-scented tea is made
Flavoring green tea with lotus scent is a manual process and no chemicals are allowed.
12:16, 2020/16/12
Hanoi’s streets covered by flamboyant flowers in summer
The blooming flamboyant flowers signal the beginning of summer and the end of the school year.
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