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Gasoline prices fall for the third time in a row
With such decreases, petrol prices have moved close to the February price range.
10:42, 2022/42/05
Rising petrol prices contribute US$385 million to state budget revenue
The Government is looking at measures to curb the rising trend of petrol prices on the domestic market, which is placing a huge burden on the economy.
21:18, 2022/18/21
Vietnam petrol prices set new record at US$1.42 per liter
This marked the seventh price hike since April 21.
20:03, 2022/03/01
Vietnam petrol prices reach new height
This marked the fifth price rise since April 21. Since last month, prices of RON95 rose by VND4,260 per liter, and E5-RON92 by VND3,760.
15:50, 2022/50/11
Petrol prices in Vietnam set new record
The latest price adjustment marked the second hike in a row since late April.
18:31, 2022/31/01
Petrol prices in Vietnam decline for second consecutive time
This marked the second consecutive decline after six rises in a row since the beginning of this year.
11:55, 2022/55/15
Vietnam Gov’t tightens grips on prices of strategic commodities
Government agencies would continue to closely follow the impacts of the Russia-Ukraine conflict on prices of petrol and other products to map out different scenarios accordingly.