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Vietnam attempts to realize carbon neutrality commitment
It requires the engagement of different stakeholders to ensure that carbon neutrality is achieved realistically and sustainably.
17:42, 2022/42/01
Vietnam's National Assembly to legalize commitments at COP26
Vietnam’s commitments at the COP26 showcase its strong political will in the fight against climate change and transitioning to a green economy.
22:57, 2022/57/23
Vietnam’s 1st Goldman Prize awardee jailed for tax fraud
Vietnam said speculation that the woman was punished for her activities in the reduction of coal power is groundless.
22:16, 2022/16/02
Affordable financing crucial for Vietnam’s net zero target
Vietnam is estimated to need US$167 billion in annual investments in 2050 for its net-zero scenario.
22:16, 2022/16/28
Vietnam needs “green climate Doi Moi”: UNDP
Given net-zero commitments, Vietnam is now at a crossroads to transform routes that benefit both the economy and the environment.
20:15, 2022/15/28
UK to assist Vietnam in reducing carbon emission, energy transition
Vietnam continues to be a key partner of the UK in the region, especially as the UK prioritizes greater cooperation with the India-Pacific region.
21:12, 2022/12/27
Bioenergy helps Vietnam move towards low-carbon journey
Bioenergy, which can tap resources in the country possesses certain comparative advantages in agriculture, can be a key factor in Vietnam’s net zero journey.
11:39, 2022/39/26
Vietnam warned of 6°C rise by century end
As one of the few hardest-hit countries by climate change, Vietnam is urged to take drastic measures to curb impacts that will not appear in the distant future.
04:46, 2022/46/15
Vietnam expects UK support in creating carbon market
Vietnam hopes that international financial sources would be significant to its carbon neutrality journey.
15:20, 2022/20/29
Vietnam to build carbon market
Vietnam initiated the carbon market in 2011 and attempts to complete the operating mechanism in the green growth journey.
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