31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Vietnam attempts to realize carbon neutrality commitment
It requires the engagement of different stakeholders to ensure that carbon neutrality is achieved realistically and sustainably.
21:34, 2022/34/14
Vietnamese PM okays negotiations on G7 climate finance
Climate finance is one of the key approaches to Vietnam’s net-zero path by 2050.
20:22, 2022/22/14
Climate change may cost Vietnam 14.5% of GDP by 2050: WB
With the right mix of policies and strategies, Vietnam can leverage its decarbonization efforts to advance development objectives so that achieving net zero emissions does not reduce GDP growth.
19:48, 2022/48/17
Mangrove afforestation in Mekong Delta: Indispensable for climate response in Vietnam
Mangroves, which can hold up to four to five times more carbon per hectare than tropical rainforests, are critical for coastland in climate-hit areas like the Mekong Delta.
10:23, 2022/23/16
IFAD supports Vietnam’s climate response in agriculture
Vietnam has written a success story on poverty reduction partly thanks to IFAD’s support over the past three decades.
17:31, 2022/31/31
Vietnam may consider nuclear energy for sustainable growth
Vietnam to further develop clean energy to realize its 2050 net-zero emission target.
22:16, 2022/16/28
Vietnam needs “green climate Doi Moi”: UNDP
Given net-zero commitments, Vietnam is now at a crossroads to transform routes that benefit both the economy and the environment.
16:42, 2022/42/25
JICA supports Vietnam in enhancing disaster and climate change countermeasures
The project will help Vietnam reduce risks for and respond to disasters and climate change.
14:37, 2022/37/17
Vietnam seeks climate finance from G7
The partnership with the world’s advanced economies will help Vietnam address financial problems to pursue the low-carbon strategy.
10:45, 2022/45/12
IFC aids Vietnam’s transition to low-carbon economic growth model
The IFC has signed cooperation agreements with Vietnam’s Government agencies in helping the country achieve its climate goals.
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