31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Prime Minister takes week-long trip to US
The Vietnamese Prime Minister will deliver a speech at the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) in the lead up to the US-ASEAN Summit.
13:43, 2021/43/05
[Vietnam-US relations] Agriculture – a prominent pillar in US-Vietnam trade: Marc Knapper
American agricultural products are available in many parts of Vietnam and some are becoming well-received in the country of 100 million people.
15:23, 2022/23/21
US to transfer 3rd patrol ship to Vietnam
Improving Vietnamese maritime capacity is particularly significant in the multifaceted relations of the US-Vietnam comprehensive partnership.
11:18, 2022/18/31
Higher proficiency of English attracts more investment, tourism dollars: US Ambassador
English teaching will be enhanced in Vietnam as the country will soon welcome US Peace Corps volunteers for the first time ever.
22:59, 2022/59/30
Vietnam reaffirms US leading partner
Trade remains the key pillar in the Comprehensive Partnership in addition to climate adaptation, security, education, and healthcare.
15:43, 2021/43/19
Marc Evans Knapper becomes US Ambassador to Vietnam
Knapper described his term in Vietnam as a return to “old home.”
13:14, 2020/14/10
“Extraordinary progress of the US-Vietnam relationship is not an accident”: Ambassador Kritenbrink
"We all have a responsibility to continue building the ties of trust and friendship that ground our relationship, from security cooperation and health to business and people-to-people ties," says US Ambassador to Vietnam Daniel Kritenbrink.
17:32, 2020/32/30
US ambassador announces completion of project to preserve UNESCO heritage site Ho Citadel
The unveiling ceremony is part of the US Mission in Vietnam’s activities to celebrate the 25th anniversary of US-Vietnam diplomatic relations.
12:12, 2020/12/03
US provides US5 million more to support Vietnam’s private sector recovery from Covid-19
USAID in April also announced assistance of almost US$4.5 million to meet Vietnam’s priority Covid-19 outbreak health response needs.
02:16, 2020/16/30
Vietnam donates another 420,000 medical masks to US
US Ambassador to Vietnam Daniel Kritenbrink said people-to-people relations are the most solid foundation for close and lasting ties between nations.
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