Startups in ASEAN help promote inclusive and sustainable development: UNDP
Young entrepreneurs will play a key role in the post Covid-19 socio-economic recovery journey, even accelerating it in the Southeast Asian region, stated a senior UNDP official.
12:23, 2020/10/07
Vietnam – UK trade cooperation is a win-win relationship
While the UK continues to be a potential market for Vietnam’s key export staples, the latter could be a springboard for British companies to reach a broader market in Southeast Asia.
11:10, 2020/09/30
UK foreign minister seeks trade deal in Vietnam visit
Both Vietnam and the UK are looking for a trade deal after Brexit.
17:57, 2020/07/14
Vietnam trade surplus on track to beat 2019's all-time high
Vietnam’s exports to key markets such as the US and EU sharply rebounded across many sectors.
10:57, 2020/07/13
More Vietnamese citizens from UK, Singapore brought home
So far, Vietnam has brought home more than 14,000 citizens.
13:04, 2020/07/03
Timing for EVFTA ratification could not be better for Vietnam and EU: HSBC
EVFTA provides a means of market diversification for EU and Vietnamese businesses.
08:54, 2020/07/02
World Bank appoints new country director for Vietnam
The new country director is expected to provide the leadership needed to further strengthen the World Bank’s financing and knowledge engagements with Vietnam.
20:09, 2020/06/28
British Covid-19 patient in Vietnam may return home on July 12
The UK embassy in Hanoi has sent a note to Vietnam's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Health, requesting the repatriation of the British pilot.
16:40, 2020/03/09
PM says Vietnam capable of containing Covid-19 epidemic
Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc requested strict punishment for those providing inaccurate medical declaration upon arriving in Vietnam.
14:15, 2020/01/03
Vietnam PM to form task force for reforming business environment
The government remains steadfast in removing obsolete regulations that restrict business operations, while preventing the introduction of new regulations implying higher costs for enterprises.
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