31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
South Koreans travelers eager to re-visit Vietnam
Good facilities, cultural similarities, and the friendliness of Vietnamese people are the reasons behind South Korean's desire to visit the country.
05:28, 2022/28/08
Vietnam nominated in 10 categories at World Travel Awards 2022
Vietnam-loving foreign friends are invited to vote for the country’s tourist destinations to win the World Travel Awards 2022.
15:10, 2022/10/21
Hanoi’s specialty listed among CNN's best Asian noodle dishes
Pho, Bun cha and Cao lau were praised by US news site CNN to be the best the most mouth-watering noodle dishes across Asia.
09:53, 2022/53/01
Vietnam among the Wanderlust’s list of ideal destinations in March
The UK-based travel magazine suggests travelers visit the mountainous area of Vietnam in late Spring.
17:12, 2022/12/24
National Tourism Year 2022 kick-started in Quang Nam
Vietnam’s tourism industry aims to welcome 65 million visitors, including five million international travelers.
11:02, 2021/02/14
Vietnam named “Best River Cruise Destination in Asia in 2021”
Cruising along the rivers in Vietnam could be an interesting way for travelers to discover the hidden beauty of the country after the pandemic.
13:53, 2021/53/20
Railway through Central of Vietnam listed among six amazing Asia train journeys
The train passes through marvelous Vietnam's central scenery of water buffaloes graze in wide-open fields, humble villages flit by, and impossibly green fields.
19:40, 2021/40/09
World Expo 2020 Dubai: Vietnam Pavilion showcases the rich culture of Vietnam
As one of the favorite destinations of visitors to World Expo 2020, Vietnam Pavilion tells the story of a nation with a rich heritage, full of potential and opportunity.
14:30, 2021/30/27
Japan is a key market for Vietnam tourism
Vietnam appreciates the role of the Representative office of the Japan National Tourism Organization in cooperation with Japan for tourism development.
14:31, 2021/31/09
The idyllic Vietnamese beauty through the lens of Ukrainian photographer
The harmonized interweaving between vibrant commercial activities in big cities and the idyllic life of the mountainous ethnic minorities people have contributed to the uniqueness of Vietnam - a beauty that could hardly be found anywhere else in the world.
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