31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Hanoi: Innovative souvenir to promote tourism
Hanoi's tourism sector has been designing and producing special gifts representing the specialities of each locality.
06:47, 2021/47/17
Hanoi is promoting agri-tourism for sustainable tourism development
More and more models of farm tourism have been applied in suburban districts of Hanoi, attracting a large number of tourists in recent years.
21:36, 2021/36/14
Project of “Temple of Literature Cultural Space” launched
Many cultural activities to honor Vietnamese cultural values and education in the medieval period will be held at the Temple of Literature once the Covid-19 pandemic is contained.
17:28, 2021/28/12
Vietnam’s tourism revenue drops in H1
Facing the fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, the country's tourism stimulus programs have to be postponed.
06:59, 2021/59/11
West Lake Shrimp Cake - great dine out option in Hanoi
For many international and local tourists, their visit is seen incomplete without trying Banh Tom Ho Tay.
11:25, 2021/25/08
Enduring love to Hanoi’s sketching
Sketching images of Hanoi is both love and responsibility that members of the Urban Sketchers Hanoi devote to their homeland.
17:05, 2021/05/16
Kinh Thien staircase - typical architecture of Vietnam’s middle age
Hanoi has planned to turn Thang Long Imperial Citadel into the most beautiful heritage park, a special destination of the capital city.
06:05, 2021/05/06
Hanoi’s ancient folk heritage to be restored
Cultural and historical experts are making efforts to restore nghe (shrine) Dang Dong in Hanoi, an ancient folk relic.
14:25, 2021/25/27
Discovering Hanoi’s sites with a 3D pop-up book
“Hanoi: Reminiscences of Thousand Years”, the first of a series of 3D books about Hanoi not only provide useful information but also new and vivid visual experiences of landmarks of the capital.
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