31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Samsung Vietnam earns US$3.8 billion in profit in 2020
Vietnam remains a major production hub for Samsung, as revenue from Samsung Vietnam made up 30% of that of the South Korean tech giant in the global market last year
21:31, 2021/31/23
Austria-based AT&S ponders US$1.8-billion hi-tech project in Vietnam
The norther province of Thai Nguyen could meet the firm’s requirements in terms of infrastructure.
17:32, 2020/32/13
Vietnam labor minister expects strong measures against Covid-19 at industrial parks
So far, there have not been any Covid-19 infections in Thai Nguyen province, where large scale industrial parks are located.
12:16, 2019/16/21
Vietnam publicly showcases modern weapons
The exhibition displays modern weaponry, marking a rare move in the country in which military issues have not been normally publicized.
15:03, 2019/03/03
Samsung seeks preferential treatments for US$220-million R&D center in Hanoi
Samsung wants to change the purpose of the R&D Center or transfer the building and its related land-use rights to another party, in case of necessity.