31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Vietnam protests Taiwan submarine deployment to Spratly islands
A Taiwan submarine was deployed to take part in a drill near the Spratly islands of Vietnam.
21:35, 2021/35/23
Vietnam protests China’s dispatch of transport aircraft to Spratly islands
This is the first time China has confirmed the presence of Y-20 aircraft in Truong Sa (Spratly).
06:35, 2021/35/10
Vietnam sets up more maritime militias
The militia squadrons are tasked with reconnaissance and maritime exploitation
13:00, 2021/00/25
Vietnam consistently protects sovereignty in past years: President
Vietnam will promote appropriate defense and military relations with other countries to protect sovereignty.
20:52, 2021/52/25
Foreign ministry spokesperson opposes China's intrusion of Vietnam's waters
China Coast Guard vessel has tracked to approach the oil platform within Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone.
16:56, 2020/56/29
China again holds military drills in East Sea
China conducts such concurrent drills against a backdrop of rising regional tension.
23:44, 2020/44/10
AIPA 41 highlights commitment to securing peace and prosperity: NA Chairwoman
AIPA 41 urges countries to fully respect the independence and sovereignty, the territorial integrity of others and not to take any action that could damage peace and stability in the region.
18:47, 2020/47/08
Vietnam rejects China's unilateral fishing ban
On May 4, the Vietnam Fishing Society protested the ban that it called absurd.
17:31, 2020/31/24
Submitting notes to UN, Hanoi vows to defend its sovereignty
Hanoi said all maritime territorial claims inconsistent with UNCLOS are null and void.
17:57, 2020/57/23
China’s district formation in South China Sea is provocative: Carl Thayer
China's move undermines negotiations among China and ASEAN member states for a binding Code of Conduct in the South China Sea (CoC).
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