31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
JUNE 18: Vietnam plans 50,000 Covid-19 infections scenario
A health official said the healthcare system is capable of coping with the rising infections.
08:44, 2021/44/09
Covid-19 likely causes more maternal mortality in Vietnam: UNFPA
The impact might ruin Vietnam’s achievement gained over the last several years.
17:30, 2020/30/09
Vietnam to suspend visa waiver to EU, UK citizens
Currently, Vietnam has suspended granting visa to citizens from China, South Korea, and Italy due to their increasing number of infected people.
10:10, 2020/10/12
Three scenarios for Vietnam’s tourism revival proposed
As the epidemic emerges, a series of travel companies have suffered heavy losses in a short time due to cancellations of inbound tours.
08:32, 2020/32/05
nCoV epidemic in Vietnam may hit peak in next 7-10 days: Official
Senior officials said Vietnam has prepared different scenarios for the epidemic, including the possibility of more than 1,000 cases confirmed.