31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Vietnam asks World Bank for support in Covid-19 vaccine production
The WB is expected to help Vietnam build a research and development center for vaccines to meet the expanded vaccination program.
17:02, 2020/02/21
Vietnam's Covid-19 hot spots under control: Ministry
Vietnam's Covid-19 hot spots keep focusing on tracing and detecting new cases so as to stamp out the outbreak as soon as possible.
13:51, 2020/51/05
Vietnamese people asked to install app for Covid-19 contact tracing
The app alerts users if they are at risk of infection and instructs them to contact health authorities.
18:22, 2020/22/31
Many Covid-19 patients in Vietnam at high risk of fatality: Health ministry
When infected with Covid-19, people at high risk of aggravation are the elderly (over 60 years old) with pre-existing diseases, obesity or exhaustion.
21:00, 2020/00/01
Vietnam starts research for Covid-19 vaccine
The country’s Covid-19 vaccine production would be based on previous achievements such as virus isolation and production of biomedical products for testing.
18:05, 2020/05/26
Vietnam health authorities concerned about second Covid-19 wave
Health authorities are concerned that the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic may arrive, posing a headache for the health system.
14:14, 2020/14/24
People must not buy chloroquine to treat coronavirus: Ministry
Vietnam has not used chloroquine to treat Covid-19, neither has the health ministry recommended the drug to prevent the disease.
15:38, 2020/38/17
Vietnam's tourist hub may declare Covid-19 free: Ministry
Apart from the only case detected on January 17, no other infection has been found in Vietnam's south central province of Khanh Hoa.
12:31, 2020/31/10
Vietnam localities unhit by nCoV can reopen classes: Ministry
Based on the evolution of the epidemic and weather conditions in each locality, each local government should decide whether students should go back to school or take a longer break.
02:30, 2020/30/07
Vietnam closely monitors Chinese pneumonia outbreak: Ministry
The Chinese health ministry has taken measures to control the outbreak and conducted more testing to identify the specific cause.
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