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Paddling along Mekong River: Adventure full of surprises
The Mekong Paddle Adventure has become more than just a journey for four American kayakers because in addition to their original goal of raising money for local charities, they had the chance to experience other cultures and enjoy their time with river angels.
12:02, 2023/04/08
Con Chim: Rare poetic hamlet in Mekong Delta
Visitors are certain to have an unforgettable experience that goes beyond a trip thanks to the warm hospitality of the locals and their distinctive tourism model.
23:48, 2023/04/06
Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Festival 2023: Vibrant Crossroads
The annual gathering brings together tourist destinations all over Vietnam in an effort to revive the sector, which is vital to the nation’s economy.
23:30, 2023/02/21
IFAD promotes sustainable agriculture in Mekong Delta
The project enables small-scale farmers to earn more income by moving from subsistence farming to climate-resilient agriculture.
16:29, 2022/09/07
Joint forces boost sustainable transformation in Mekong Delta
Experts from the Netherlands and international partners in Vietnam highlighted the role of green, resilience, and inclusion in the Mekong Delta's transformative framework.
06:23, 2022/09/06
Vietnam expects US support in climate finance
Vietnam is seeking the transfer of renewable energy technology and climate finance from the US.
10:32, 2022/08/26
[Longform] Vietnam: Constructive partner of US
In the past thirty years, Washington has joined the world chorus in recognition of Vietnam as a responsible member of the international community.
19:48, 2022/06/17
Mangrove afforestation in Mekong Delta: Indispensable for climate response in Vietnam
Mangroves, which can hold up to four to five times more carbon per hectare than tropical rainforests, are critical for coastland in climate-hit areas like the Mekong Delta.
21:10, 2022/05/02
Australia extends assistance to Mekong Delta
Australia’s support of the Mekong Delta dated back to 1981 when Canberra offered scholarships to local leaders for the region's long-term development.
11:39, 2022/03/26
Vietnam warned of 6°C rise by century end
As one of the few hardest-hit countries by climate change, Vietnam is urged to take drastic measures to curb impacts that will not appear in the distant future.
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