31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Mangrove afforestation in Mekong Delta: Indispensable for climate response in Vietnam
Mangroves, which can hold up to four to five times more carbon per hectare than tropical rainforests, are critical for coastland in climate-hit areas like the Mekong Delta.
21:10, 2022/10/02
Australia extends assistance to Mekong Delta
Australia’s support of the Mekong Delta dated back to 1981 when Canberra offered scholarships to local leaders for the region's long-term development.
11:39, 2022/39/26
Vietnam warned of 6°C rise by century end
As one of the few hardest-hit countries by climate change, Vietnam is urged to take drastic measures to curb impacts that will not appear in the distant future.
15:28, 2022/28/19
Asia biggest rice mill inaugurated in Vietnam
Vietnam is currently the world’s second largest rice exporter, shipping more than six million tons/year.
16:53, 2021/53/08
Vietnam speeds up vaccination in Mekong Delta, Central Highlands
The Mekong Delta with 17% of Vietnam’s population has made up one-third of the country’s total caseload.
23:23, 2021/23/04
Today's Covid News: Opposite pandemic evolution in north and south Vietnam
A wide range of activities is subject to reopening, including tourism in green zones.
21:49, 2021/49/03
Today’s Covid News: Vietnam kicks start supporting program for Covid-hit orphans
Adolescent orphans will receive financial and medical support until their adulthood.
22:24, 2021/24/27
Today’s Covid News: More than half of South Vietnam to impose curfew
The majority of coronavirus infections in Vietnam was detected in the south.
21:21, 2021/21/17
Vietnam imposes partial lockdown on 19 southern cities, provinces
Nineteen cities and provinces in the south account for one-third of Vietnam’s population and 75% of the country’s Covid-19 infections.
10:51, 2021/51/09
Tra Vinh calls for long-term investment in tourism and infrastructure
The provincial authorities will focus on administrative reform and perfecting legal framework to ensure a transparent and fair business environment.
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