31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Vietnam exports nearly 1.4 billion medical face masks in Covid-19 year
Around 70.86 million medical face masks were shipped last December, a sharp decrease of 59% against the previous month.
16:14, 2020/14/22
Vietnam’s exports of medical face masks surge over 20% in November
In total, Vietnamese enterprises exported over 1.3 billion medical face masks in the first 11 months of 2020.
12:03, 2020/03/12
Vietnam exports over 1 billion medical face masks in 10 months
Some 60 companies in Vietnam exported 143 million units of medical face masks in October.
13:30, 2020/30/12
Vietnam exports nearly 900 million medical face masks in 8 months
The amount of face masks exported in August, however, declined by 12% month-on-month to 135 million units.
15:29, 2020/29/28
Policy bottleneck restricts exports of Vietnam medical masks
At present, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has approved the export of medical face masks and protective gear, as long as domestic demand and reserves are met.
14:22, 2020/22/13
Vietnam capable of becoming major exporter of cloth face masks
Fifty local garment firms can produce 200 million per month. The figure would be higher if the production capacity nationwide is taken into account.
17:32, 2020/32/06
nCoV: Health ministry allays concerns
People need to follow the medical instructions and should not be bewildering to spread out confusing rumors about the epidemic.
17:10, 2020/10/05
Hanoi fights trade of poor-quality medical masks amid nCoV outbreak
Vietnam's customs force needs to tighten the control at the border gates, thereby preventing the intrusion of poor-quality medical masks with unclear origin.
16:58, 2020/58/01
China seeks to import medical face masks from Vietnam
In Vietnam, demand for medical face masks and hand sanitizers has increased sharply on fears of potential outbreak of the new coronavirus (nCoV).
12:20, 2020/20/31
Prices of medical face masks in Hanoi skyrocket amid possible nCoV outbreak
Some store owners even declined customers’ requests for purchase of facial masks in large quantity, due to the supply shortage.