Vietnam tourism sector to “Link, Act and Develop” in 2021
In 2020, total revenue from tourists was estimated at VND321.2 trillion (US$13.8 billion), down about 58.7% from a year earlier.
19:53, 2021/53/04
Hanoi tourism earns $13 million in first 3 days of 2021
The city’s tourist destinations offered diverse services to attract visitors from January 1 to 3, 2021.
14:52, 2020/52/28
Vietnam tourism severely hurt by Covid-19
Tourism growth of Vietnam in 2020 depends largely on domestic traveling as foreign entry has been restricted.
15:20, 2020/20/04
Hanoi tourism industry recovers in November
The number of domestic arrivals to the city increased significantly in November compared to the previous month.
14:40, 2020/40/11
Covid-19 slices US$23 billion from Vietnam's tourism revenue
The tourism sector keeps implementing solutions for restoring performance in the final months of the year.
15:09, 2020/09/30
Covid-19 deals heavy blow to Vietnam's inbound tourism in Jan-Oct
The number of international arrivals to Vietnam in October was higher than the previous month.
09:38, 2020/38/29
Hanoi's domestic tourism rebounds in October
The Hanoi Department of Tourism will coordinate with destinations to create new tourist products.
14:52, 2020/52/13
Vietnam resumes stimulus tourism activities as Covid-19 put under control
To develop sustainably the tourism industry in the new normal, besides stimulating demand, the most important thing is to ensure safety for tourists.
16:41, 2020/41/11
Reopening economy, Vietnam to receive 20,000 int'l arrivals per month
The country expects international arrivals from mid-September with the reopening of international air routes.
23:34, 2020/34/01
Int'l arrivals to Vietnam in June drop to lowest in years on border closure
The country saw the modest number of tourists in June compared to the same period in the past many years.
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