31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
[Infographic] Vietnam's tourism performance before and after Covid-19
Vietnam's tourism continues to demonstrate a strong and steady recovery from the pandemic's effects despite mounting economic and geopolitical challenges since its reopening to international visitors in March 2022.
16:14, 2022/14/31
[Infographic] Hanoi’s tourism performance in 10 months
The city earned US$1.7 billion in January-October, up more than five times on-year.
20:35, 2021/35/23
Covid-19 vaccine passport bearers should be exempted from quarantine: Embassies
Vietnam has been discussing with other countries on measures to facilitate people's travel, restore economic and trade activities.
08:14, 2021/14/11
Vietnam tourism sector to “Link, Act and Develop” in 2021
In 2020, total revenue from tourists was estimated at VND321.2 trillion (US$13.8 billion), down about 58.7% from a year earlier.
19:53, 2021/53/04
Hanoi tourism earns $13 million in first 3 days of 2021
The city’s tourist destinations offered diverse services to attract visitors from January 1 to 3, 2021.
14:52, 2020/52/28
Vietnam tourism severely hurt by Covid-19
Tourism growth of Vietnam in 2020 depends largely on domestic traveling as foreign entry has been restricted.
15:20, 2020/20/04
Hanoi tourism industry recovers in November
The number of domestic arrivals to the city increased significantly in November compared to the previous month.
14:40, 2020/40/11
Covid-19 slices US$23 billion from Vietnam's tourism revenue
The tourism sector keeps implementing solutions for restoring performance in the final months of the year.
15:09, 2020/09/30
Covid-19 deals heavy blow to Vietnam's inbound tourism in Jan-Oct
The number of international arrivals to Vietnam in October was higher than the previous month.
09:38, 2020/38/29
Hanoi's domestic tourism rebounds in October
The Hanoi Department of Tourism will coordinate with destinations to create new tourist products.
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