31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
6-decade history of Hanoi's ritual cake
In Hanoi, Tinh Ngoc cake is the most famous brand, inheriting the tradition of Dong Thinh confectionery shop
22:07, 2020/07/06
Hanoians help the poor overcome Covid-19 pandemic
To alleviate the hardships of the destitute people, many charity programs have been underway in Hanoi city.
00:27, 2020/27/29
Hanoians enjoy meaningful cultural activities on Tet
Asking for calligraphic words at the beginning of the Lunar New Year is a cultural beauty that has existed for a long time.
13:16, 2020/16/28
Hanoians able to breathe fresh air on fourth day of Tet
Hanoi’s air quality index (AQI) measured at monitoring stations in the capital city January 28 morning, the fourth day of the Year of the Rat, was in the range of from 22 to 55.
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