A romantic Hanoi in ox-eye daisy season
The white flower season lasts between November and early December annually.
12:00, 2020/10/14
Hanoi 17th Party Congress targets 3 breakthroughs for development till 2025
The culture and value of Hanoians should be a decisive factor to help develop Hanoi in the future.
15:01, 2020/09/14
Hanoi hosts German Film Festival 2020
The German Film Festival Vietnam has become a must-see in the culture calendar for many Hanoi cinephiles.
08:15, 2020/09/04
Tips for eating out in Hanoi
The flavor of the dishes is passed through many generations that makes them extremely special for diners.
10:10, 2020/09/13
Enjoying Vietnamese typical tea in tea houses in Hanoi
Besides coffee, tea is another typical option of the local people when they go out. Unlike the lively coffee shops, tea houses usually bring another ambiance for those who want a tranquil and peaceful corner in the busy city life.
12:09, 2020/10/28
Hanoians highly aware of Covid-19 prevention
In addition to enhancing communication activities about measures to prevent and combat Covid-19, the city is expected to take more drastic measures to ensure that all people wear face masks in public places.
12:03, 2020/10/26
6-decade history of Hanoi's ritual cake
In Hanoi, Tinh Ngoc cake is the most famous brand, inheriting the tradition of Dong Thinh confectionery shop
22:07, 2020/04/06
Hanoians help the poor overcome Covid-19 pandemic
To alleviate the hardships of the destitute people, many charity programs have been underway in Hanoi city.
00:27, 2020/01/29
Hanoians enjoy meaningful cultural activities on Tet
Asking for calligraphic words at the beginning of the Lunar New Year is a cultural beauty that has existed for a long time.
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