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Hanoi to assess how land gets managed
The move aims to respond to the Official Telegram 965/CD-TTg released by the Prime Minister on October 13.
22:20, 2023/08/24
Hanoi’s East, West emerged as new focal points of growth
The future supply in both the west and the east will account for 40% of the market share of residential units in Hanoi.
21:13, 2023/08/02
Resolution 15 fuels Hanoi's modern look
Expanding the administrative boundaries of Hanoi 15 years ago was a critical step in seizing the opportunity for greater competitiveness and stronger growth.
15:10, 2023/07/10
Fundamentals of Hanoi real estate market remain solid
Foreign investors are actively exploring investment opportunities in the local real estate market, presenting chances for domestic firms if they can leverage this potential.
08:06, 2023/06/06
New apartment buildings must have life span: Hanoi Party Chief
The amended Housing Act lacks provisions on the life span of condominiums, which may cause problems for the authorities when it comes to renovating the buildings.
09:44, 2023/05/11
Hanoi plans 7 million square meters of new housing this year
Hanoi is expected to have 44 million square meters of new housing in the 2021-2025 period, which equates to a per capita floor area of 29.5 square meters.
22:07, 2023/01/31
Demand for housing in Hanoi forecast to rise in 2023
Despite the high demand for housing, the transaction volume stays low due to the high prices compared to people’s average income.
18:24, 2022/12/30
Hanoi expects to have 5.84 million square meters of floor area in 2022
In 2022, the average per capita floor area in Hanoi is estimated at 27.6 square meters, assuming the city completes ongoing housing projects.
17:17, 2022/10/21
Land prices in Hanoi in upward trend
It is expected that by late 2022, real estate demands would continue to stay low and investors may be forced to lower prices to attract buyers.
09:18, 2022/10/18
Hanoi’s housing prices rise for 15th consecutive quarter
Rising housing prices in Hanoi were mainly due to scarce supplies and higher prices of construction materials.
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