31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Traditional incense-making villages prepares for Tet
The traditional trade of incense-making in Quang Phu Cau Commune (Ung Hoa District, Hanoi) dates back a hundred years ago. This place is the major incense supply to the Northern region, providing the main source of income for thousands of local households.
14:47, 2021/47/27
Thuong Mao Carpentry Village busy in peak season
After the social distancing orders eased, the sounds of wood chiseling and carving resound again through Thuong Mao Carpentry Village, about nearly 20 km from the Hanoi’s center.
09:52, 2021/52/07
Phu Chau conical hats preserves the charm of Vietnamese women
The trade of making conical hats at Phu Chau, a commune in Hanoi's Ba Vi Districf, has made great contribution to local economic development, helping locals increase their income.
08:51, 2021/51/04
Fantastic fans
Artisans from Chang Son fan village are paying great efforts on preserving and upholding the tradition of a Vietnam’s aged-old craft village.