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Emergence of new urban areas in Hanoi
The capital city has been committed to improving infrastructure and transportation systems which motivate the city's development while fostering real estate expansion.
16:02, 2023/08/08
Hanoi transport sector – a highlight of Resolution 15
Transportation has made a remarkable contribution to the stimulation of socio-economic growth, contributing positively to the overall success of the capital's construction and development.
21:13, 2023/08/02
Resolution 15 fuels Hanoi's modern look
Expanding the administrative boundaries of Hanoi 15 years ago was a critical step in seizing the opportunity for greater competitiveness and stronger growth.
11:37, 2023/08/02
Resolution 15 is conducive to Hanoi's long-term success: former city party chief
The expansion gave Hanoi much-needed space to grow into a modern, civilized capital worthy of a nation of over 100 million people.
16:32, 2023/07/30
Resolution 15 outcomes: Foundation for Hanoi’s sustainable development
With the expansion of its administrative boundaries, Hanoi has ample space to restructure its socio-economic landscape, harnessing the potential of each area.
18:28, 2023/07/27
Resolution 15 outcomes: Transformation of mountainous ethnic regions (P.2)
Ethnic work is central and crosscutting to Hanoi's political system.
18:12, 2023/07/26
Resolution 15 outcomes: Transformation of mountainous ethnic regions (P.1)
Resolution 15 has played a crucial and historically important role in transforming the mountainous ethnic minority areas of the capital, bringing about positive changes and progress.