Covid-19 drives millions of people out of jobs in Q2: GSO
The outlook for the labor market remains grim as the number of employed people continues to decline in the second quarter.
15:49, 2021/49/29
Business household survey to begin on July 1
The results will help the Government better assess the current economic state and socio-economic development trend.
11:26, 2021/26/05
Vietnam's trade turnover records $207 billion in four months
Vietnam posted a trade surplus of US$1.29 billion during the four-month period, a positive result amid difficult global trade environment as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.
18:07, 2021/07/17
Over 1 million people lose jobs on Covid-19 in Q1: GSO
The latest Covid-19 outbreak in the country has delayed the recovery of the labor market, forcing workers, especially women, to seek jobs in informal sectors.
15:12, 2021/12/29
Vietnam’s GDP expands 4.48% in Q1 under Covid-19 impacts
The GDP growth target of 6.5% for 2021 is a challenge for the country, which requires strong efforts from the government, business community and people.
18:01, 2021/01/26
World Bank provides US$563,000-grant to close gender data gaps in Vietnam
While Vietnam has established a set of national gender development indicators since 2011, nearly two-thirds of them cannot be broken down by gender.
12:09, 2021/09/01
Vietnams starts conducting national 2021 economic census today
The main objective of the national economic census is to serve as the foundation for the calculation of the country’ GDP and GRDP data.
06:39, 2021/39/19
Vietnam stock market watchdog addresses overload issue
A short-term solution would be to optimize the transaction process by increasing the minimum trading lot from 10 to 100 shares, starting from January 4, 2021.
21:09, 2021/09/06
More than 32 million workers impacted by Covid-19: GSO
The pandemic has been the major factor that took away work opportunities of 1.6 million people.
14:37, 2020/37/21
Vietnam warned of imbalanced sex ratios at birth
The imbalance hit the peak in 2010 and is popular among well-off groups.
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