Google withholds taxes from non-US YouTube creators
Vietnamese YouTubers face the risk of being taxed twice as Google’s new tax policy takes effect.
15:20, 2021/20/27
Google’s request burdens taxing YouTubers in Vietnam
High tax rate applied for monetizing creators outside the US would trouble YouTubers in Vietnam.
17:46, 2021/46/24
AmCham suggests revisions to Law on Tax Administration
All foreign enterprises, who operate and earn revenue in Vietnam, must comply with tax obligations in the country, local taxation authority said.
17:38, 2021/38/03
Facebook, Google to be required to pay tax in Vietnam
Foreign digital content providers in Vietnam have some payment options.
13:28, 2021/28/13
Supply chain diversion increases tech giants’ interests in Vietnam: HSBC
The success of Samsung and Intel has led to other tech giants, such as Google and LG, shifting their supply chain to Vietnam.
06:02, 2020/02/11
Google launches Travel Insights to support Vietnam tourism industry
The website is as part of Google’s initiatives to promote and support the recovery of local tourism industries.
19:06, 2020/06/20
Google’s advice for Vietnam to boost innovative startups
Many challenges are causing a delay in the development of a startup ecosystem in Vietnam.
11:55, 2020/55/29
Vietnamese travelers shift to exploratory tours in post Covid-19: Google
Flexible booking is also one of the top deciding factors for Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Vietnamese travelers when it comes to the booking process in the present time, aside from price and safety.
10:25, 2020/25/28
Vietnam hardens crackdown on toxic media content, with Facebook, Google concessions
Vietnam has long requested foreign social media platforms to restrict content that it considers potentially toxic and harmful to its interests.
09:01, 2020/01/12
Google share in Vietnam search market hits low on competition from Coc Coc
The search engine's share giant dropped by nearly 4.8 percentage points in August 2020 year-on-year.
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