31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Bioenergy helps Vietnam move towards low-carbon journey
Bioenergy, which can tap resources in the country possesses certain comparative advantages in agriculture, can be a key factor in Vietnam’s net zero journey.
05:13, 2022/13/27
Vietnam urged to update smart grid for network reliability
Increasing electricity demand required by the fast-growing economy forces Vietnam to be hurried in upgrading smart grid indexes.
12:44, 2022/44/02
[Vietnam – reliable partner] Vietnam-Germany relations largely extended by people: Ambassador
Germany and Vietnam share many common interests and complement each other.
16:21, 2021/21/12
[Net-zero strategy] Vietnam might extend current wind power feed-in tariff
The extension, if could last for several months, is expected to tackle problems caused to investors by the Covid impact.
15:14, 2021/14/10
Rethinking plastics: EU-funded project helps ease pollution in Vietnam
Vietnam has joined in a broader international initiative to strive for zero-disposable plastic waste by 2025.
17:35, 2021/35/25
Vietnam commits broader role in ASEAN environment protection 2021
The country has pledged to proactively participate in regional action plans on environment protection.
16:37, 2021/37/02
Legal gaps must be removed for better rooftop solar power in Vietnam: GIZ
Good policy for all stakeholders will enable Vietnam to continue its sustainable energy transition in the coming decades.
16:50, 2020/50/26
Rooftop solar: New segment helps investors diversify investment portfolios in Vietnam
So far, guidelines on rooftop solar regarding policies, regulations, ways of investment, and output have been available for investors.
23:00, 2020/00/10
Germany helps double land use in aquaculture farming and solar energy project
Using renewable energy can help aquaculture sector in Vietnam alleviate pressure on land and protect the environment.
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