31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
IFC provides funding to boost trade in Vietnam
With the funding, local banks have issued 974 guarantees valued at US$686 million to support exporters and importers.
05:13, 2021/13/25
Vietnam Railways set to receive gov’t contract for railway network maintenance
The state-run railway operator would be responsible to keeping smooth operation of railway system.
10:41, 2020/41/17
WHO as Trump's new scapegoat
His main aim is to try to divert the attention of American voters away from his until now unsuccessful crisis management to China.
00:55, 2020/55/20
Vietnam to speed up construction of North-South expressway in 2020
By changing the form of investment, construction of the expressway could start in the third quarter of 2020 instead of the first quarter of 2021 at the earliest.
14:16, 2020/16/30
It’s not just about the financing. Infrastructure needs to be well built
Southeast Asian governments invest more as a share of total government expenditures than member countries of the OECD. Much of that spending goes for infrastructure.
15:07, 2019/07/05
Vietnam startups receive US$750 million in funding in Jan – Oct
The growth in investment size in Vietnamese startups over the past few years makes the target of having tech unicorns right in Vietnam feasible, Chu Ngoc Anh, minister of Science and Technology stressed.
07:16, 2019/16/28
Germany pledges US$235 million in next two years for Vietnam's green growth
The funding will focus on energy, environment, and vocational training in the next two years.