Today’s Covid News: Vietnam kicks start supporting program for Covid-hit orphans
Adolescent orphans will receive financial and medical support until their adulthood.
10:55, 2021/55/28
Covid-hit orphans in Vietnam: stakeholders seek optimum solutions
The situation of orphans has triggered concerns about the long-term support for their lifelong interests.
20:51, 2021/51/17
FPT to raise Covid-caused orphans until adulthood
Beneficiaries will be fed and taught at FPT City Danang, one of the dozens of the corporations’ premises across Vietnam.
14:09, 2021/09/30
HoSE’s new system set to go online on July 5
The system is capable of processing up to five million transaction orders.
05:47, 2021/47/06
FPT tech group acquires major stake in Hanoi-based startup
Two Vietnamese companies share the goal of boosting the digital transformation process among the local business community.
14:42, 2021/42/10
Finance minister rules out proposal to rise minimum trading lot to 1,000 shares
The finance ministry plans to adopt the current software system on the Hanoi Stock Exchange for the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange to address the overload, saying the process would take up to four months to complete.
10:52, 2020/52/20
Vietnamese private enterprises’ participation in e-government should be encouraged
Vietnam strives to be among the top four countries in e-government in ASEAN and the 70 leading countries in e-government in the world by 2025.
15:11, 2020/11/08
IT businesses vow to support Hanoi in smart city development
Hanoi aims to become a smart city with Al and Big Data as the core technologies.
18:55, 2020/55/24
Vietnam boosts cloud-computing services towards digital economy
Vietnamese enterprises aim to increase cloud-computing revenues and satisfy the need for cloud storage in Vietnam.