Vietnam’s stock market holds much potential for stronger growth: SSC
With a P/E ratio of 11x, lower than most other markets in the world, the Vietnamese stock market is a very attractive choice for long-term investment.
20:30, 2023/01/29
Foreign investors remain confident about Vietnam's business environment
Foreign investors poured nearly US$1.7 billion into Vietnam as of January 20.
17:49, 2023/01/02
Hanoi lures nearly $1.7 billion in foreign investment in 2022
The capital city ranks among the top localities in foreign direct investment attraction.
18:53, 2022/06/19
Foreign businesses eye investment in eco-industrial parks
The construction of eco-industrial parks is considered a solution for Vietnam to reduce waste and promote sustainable growth
16:45, 2021/11/12
PM clarifies Vietnam’s attraction to foreign investors
Foreign direct investment (FDI) would help create breakthroughs for the country to move forward, especially in terms of capital, technology, corporate governance, and human resources training.
16:10, 2021/11/09
Most European business leaders keep investing in Vietnam
Some businesses plan to hire more workers in the next three months.
16:33, 2021/10/17
Vietnam regains its position as most ideal investment location: foreign expert
Dr. Oliver Massmann, General Director of Duane Morris Vietnam LLC, told The Hanoi Times about his views on expectations of foreign companies investing in the long term in Vietnam as the country reopens the economy.
21:14, 2021/09/28
Foreign invested enterprises continue expanding investment in Vietnam: say experts
Vietnam remains an attractive destination for foreign direct investment and continues to benefit from a changing global supply chain, US-China trade tensions, and production disruptions in other regions.
17:32, 2021/09/27
FDI commitments to Vietnam rise nearly 5% in 9-month period
Vietnam continues to remain an attractive investment destination in the long term.
09:18, 2021/08/24
Industrial property’s prospective drives growth of Hanoi’s serviced apartment
In Quarter 2, the supply of serviced apartments in the city increases by 20% against the same period of last year.
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