Hanoi Tourism Festival to take place in March
The Hanoi Tourism Festival 2023 will promote the cultural values of heritage sites and foster cooperation between Hanoi and other localities in Vietnam and abroad.
23:07, 2023/02/02
Food prices rise slightly ahead of first full moon
Demand for fresh foods increases ahead of the Ram Thang Gieng (the first full moon of the lunar year) as usual, but market prices have barely changed.
15:32, 2023/01/11
Spring calligraphic festival returns after two years
A two-week calligraphic festival will feature 50 calligraphers showing their writing skills and various activities to celebrate the upcoming Tet holiday.
15:55, 2022/11/29
OCOP fair to open in Hanoi next month
The One Commune, One Product (OCOP) fair is expected to boost sales of local products and promote rural tourism.
22:49, 2022/11/15
Hanoi boosts sales of OCOP products from Central and Central Highlands
Local visitors can purchase many products at the festival under the One Commune One Product (OCOP) program from more than 30 localities nationwide.
14:15, 2022/11/13
Son Tay Town celebrates the establishment of the ancient citadel
As one of the four major outposts of ancient Thang Long, the ancient citadel of Son Tay helped defend the capital from attack.
20:19, 2022/11/12
Festival displays OCOP products linked to Hanoi tourism underway this week
Visitors to the fair can purchase local specialties and products under the One Commune One Product (OCOP) program.
13:43, 2022/11/04
Hanoi Creative Designs Festival 2022 to open next week
Hanoi will host a creative design festival that marks a new milestone in the city's transition to a creative hub.
15:13, 2022/10/27
Hanoi's tourism slightly expands in October
The number of visitors to Hanoi only increased slightly in October compared to the previous month, requiring local authorities to take more drastic measures to meet the goal of welcoming more than one million foreign tourists.
17:19, 2022/10/21
Hanoi International Guitar Festival 2022 to take place in November 2022
Classic guitar has become a cultural trait that displays the elegance of the people of Hanoi.
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