31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Facebook to charge 5% VAT on ad services in Vietnam
Facebook's parent company assures the Vietnamese Government that it will fulfill its tax obligations.
16:06, 2022/06/19
Francophonie join hands to push back misinformation
The Francophonie highlights the role of media and GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon) in the fight against disinformation.
15:56, 2021/56/01
Facebook and VIA launch Instagram Academy
The program will help Vietnamese young businesspeople to engage and exchange experiences with peer entrepreneurs thus achieving positive development for their own businesses.
17:46, 2021/46/24
AmCham suggests revisions to Law on Tax Administration
All foreign enterprises, who operate and earn revenue in Vietnam, must comply with tax obligations in the country, local taxation authority said.
17:38, 2021/38/03
Facebook, Google to be required to pay tax in Vietnam
Foreign digital content providers in Vietnam have some payment options.
16:05, 2020/05/17
Facebook is blamed for going against Vietnam law
Facebook is accused of ignoring Vietnam’s law in removing and blocking violated entries on social network.
14:14, 2020/14/11
Vietnam vows to identify social network users
Identification might be included in a code of conduct which is slated to take effect this year.
10:25, 2020/25/28
Vietnam hardens crackdown on toxic media content, with Facebook, Google concessions
Vietnam has long requested foreign social media platforms to restrict content that it considers potentially toxic and harmful to its interests.
03:50, 2020/50/14
Vietnam’s online spending forecast at US$25 billion by 2025
By 2025, Vietnamese digital consumer will spend on average 3.7 times more than they did in 2018, according to a recent report.
16:40, 2020/40/04
Vietnamese consumers driven by openness to digital discovery: Facebook
The increased willingness to buy groceries online presents an unprecedented opportunity for certain industries and companies.
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