31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
“The Bat Trang Ceramic Boots -An Inspiration from Italy” exhibition debuts
The ceramic exhibition showcases Vietnamese talents and tightens cultural links between Italy and Vietnam.
17:12, 2022/12/26
Vietnam’s exhibition “Shape the Future” marks Earth Hour 2022
The exhibition is aimed at seeking new solutions and utilizing new technologies in the communication work, towards a sustainable future.
21:02, 2021/02/20
The World Press Photo Exhibition 2021 opens in Hanoi
The pictures honor all who suffered throughout this crisis; those who spent months in fear and isolation; the people who lost their family members, jobs, and homes; the 5.3 million who died from this virus.”
18:17, 2021/17/09
“Vietnam-Philippines: Colour of Culture” exhibition opens
The exhibition showcases beautiful artisanal products made by artisans as well as images of countries’ people and landscapes.
21:16, 2021/16/06
Hanoi takes action to promote handicrafts and OCOP products
The exhibition will run until December 8.
15:26, 2021/26/23
Hanoi Battle in winter 1946 reenacted
The ongoing exhibition themed anti-French resistance war at Hoa Lo Prison provides an insight of the Vietnamese army and Hanoians’ historic national resistance in 1946.
13:17, 2021/17/17
Exhibition themed Vietnamese culture and President Ho Chi Minh underway
Precious artifacts about Vietnamese culture and President Ho Chi Minh are on display to celebrate the upcoming 2021 National Cultural Conference in Hanoi.
21:47, 2021/47/31
Online exhibition “Independence Path” opens
The exhibition affirms the great achievements of the August Revolution and pays tribute to President Ho Chi Minh’s contributions to the nation's building and development.
14:25, 2021/25/05
‘Fragments of Nostalgia’ painting exhibition to debut
The illusive colour scheme on Nguyen Tuan Cuong’s lacquer paintings is reminiscent of antiquity among visitors.
19:01, 2021/01/24
Vietnamese artist to join exhibition at National Museum of Singapore
The online artworks project allows children around the world to co-create with peers through the artworks amidst Covid-19 pandemic.
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