12th Vietnam-France decentrialized cooperation conference 31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Paris Peace Accords - landmark victory of Vietnam's diplomacy
The Geneva (1954) and Paris (1973) agreements are outstanding achievements for the peace and unification of Vietnam.
16:32, 2022/32/06
Exhibition shows Vietnamese resilience and bravery in air defense
In 12 days in December 1972, the people and army of Hanoi shot down 23 B52 bombers, a remarkable victory for Vietnamese air defense against US aircraft.
18:07, 2022/07/10
Days of city liberation forever in memory
The people of Hanoi will forever remember the day when the city was utterly free from invaders.
14:53, 2022/53/11
Exhibition enhances Hanoi-Vientiane relationship
The exhibition is an opportunity for the authorities and businesses of Hanoi and Vientiane to exchange and share useful information about investment opportunities.
18:01, 2022/01/09
“The Bat Trang Ceramic Boots -An Inspiration from Italy” exhibition debuts
The ceramic exhibition showcases Vietnamese talents and tightens cultural links between Italy and Vietnam.
17:12, 2022/12/26
Vietnam’s exhibition “Shape the Future” marks Earth Hour 2022
The exhibition is aimed at seeking new solutions and utilizing new technologies in the communication work, towards a sustainable future.
21:02, 2021/02/20
The World Press Photo Exhibition 2021 opens in Hanoi
The pictures honor all who suffered throughout this crisis; those who spent months in fear and isolation; the people who lost their family members, jobs, and homes; the 5.3 million who died from this virus.”
18:17, 2021/17/09
“Vietnam-Philippines: Colour of Culture” exhibition opens
The exhibition showcases beautiful artisanal products made by artisans as well as images of countries’ people and landscapes.
21:16, 2021/16/06
Hanoi takes action to promote handicrafts and OCOP products
The exhibition will run until December 8.
15:26, 2021/26/23
Hanoi Battle in winter 1946 reenacted
The ongoing exhibition themed anti-French resistance war at Hoa Lo Prison provides an insight of the Vietnamese army and Hanoians’ historic national resistance in 1946.
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