31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Today’s Covid News: Vietnam approves 7th vaccine
Big cities across Vietnam are racing against time to boost the inoculation campaign.
23:14, 2021/14/10
China to donate three million Covid-19 vaccine doses to Vietnam
Vietnam is one of the destinations in Wang Yi’s Asian tour, which includes Cambodia, Singapore, and South Korea.
16:56, 2021/56/06
Vietnam’s National Assembly Chairman on Europe tour
EU nations have been fueling Vietnam’s recovery plans as this country is its largest trade partner in Southeast Asia.
15:57, 2021/57/04
Russia commits to supply 20 million Covid-19 vaccine doses for Vietnam
Russia has transferred technology to produce made-in-Russia Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccines to Vietnam.
12:01, 2021/01/02
Poland-Vietnam relations: Friendship tested through tough times
Nothing deed is more significant to commemorate an anniversary than presenting a meaningful gift, Poland did that way to stand shoulder to shoulder with Vietnam in the fight against coronavirus.
21:14, 2021/14/28
Today’s Covid News: Vietnam to vaccinate schoolchildren
Vietnam has approximately 23 million schoolchildren from kindergarten to high school.
22:21, 2021/21/27
Today’s Covid News: Vietnam’s homegrown Nanocovax Covid-19 vaccine get biomedical approval
It’s unsure when the vaccine gets approval for emergency use.
19:26, 2021/26/15
Vietnam begins clinical trials of ARCT-154 Covid-19 vaccine
ARCT-154 Covid-19 vaccine's human clinical trials will be carried out in three phases in Vietnam.
15:38, 2021/38/06
Hanoi prioritizes administering Covid-19 vaccine for ethnic minorities
Currently, vaccination is still the basic solution to prevent the Covid-19 disease.
21:32, 2021/32/04
Russia, India pledge support for smooth supply chain in ASEAN
The two countries have expressed their hope to forge the relations with ASEAN through the 2021-2025 Action Plans.
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