31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
UNDP, Netherlands boost circular economy capacity building for Vietnam businesses
The program inspires and provides practical instructions and tools for developing business roadmap for circular transition.
18:53, 2022/53/19
Foreign businesses eye investment in eco-industrial parks
The construction of eco-industrial parks is considered a solution for Vietnam to reduce waste and promote sustainable growth
11:59, 2022/59/18
'Second Hand' art exhibition changes Hanoians' consumption habits
Reusing second-hand items is one of the practical actions promoting sustainable production and consumption, moving towards the transition to a circular economy in Vietnam.
21:08, 2021/08/15
Foreign manufacturers boost circular economy in Vietnam
Businesses in the field of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) have been the pioneers in transiting to a circular economy model.
19:49, 2021/49/11
"Trash-to-treasure" to help Vietnam address pollution
Only 33% of the total 3.9 million tons of the commonly used plastics disposed of per year in Vietnam are recovered and recycled.
19:51, 2021/51/30
Hoi An planned to be a green destination by 2023
The transition towards green and ecologically friendly tourism in the post-Covid-19 period is a positive step that requires stakeholders’ attention.
21:42, 2021/42/14
Global economic integration lays foundation for Vietnam to promote circular economy
Growing number of local enterprises achieving success by adopting clean production standards have been direct results from Vietnam’s policies to promote green and sustainable growth.
13:25, 2021/25/10
Separation of plastic waste challenging Vietnam
Local businesses and consumers are urged to sort plastic waste that is seen as an effective solution for waste treatment.
16:15, 2021/15/03
Circular economy helps Vietnam tackle climate change: Minister
Vietnam will focus on eliminating waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating the natural system.
17:14, 2019/14/11
Sustainability could be competitive advantage for Vietnamese enterprises
The majority of Vietnamese enterprises have not set a clear vision and strategy towards sustainability, not to mention setting aside financial means to fulfill their corporate social responsibilities, said an expert.
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