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Dien Bien Phu Victory – More than triumph: Carl Thayer
Vietnam has defined the “bamboo diplomacy” strategy as flexibility, in which the country pursues its strategic goals while remaining firm and uncompromising on fundamental principles.
18:26, 2023/04/20
China’s fishing ban violates Vietnam’s sovereignty: Spokesman
Beijing’s unilateral fishing ban covers areas including Vietnam’s Hoang Sa (Paracels).
20:25, 2022/12/23
Vietnam stresses importance of relations with ASEAN
Being a member of the regional group for 27 years, Vietnam has attracted external resources for economic development and expanded its diplomatic networks while the country’s diplomatic activism in recent years has reinforced ASEAN’s central role in addressing regional challenges.
12:39, 2022/12/01
National Assembly Chairman’s visit to Australia: Enhance strategic partnership
Vietnam and Australia will work on an Action Plan that is expected to elevate their partnership as a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership.
21:58, 2022/11/27
Australia, Vietnam hold 1st Defense Ministers Meeting in Hanoi
The two countries are committed to upgrading cooperation in peacekeeping to a “Peacekeeping Partnership.”
14:16, 2022/06/27
Vietnam entirely justified in exercising self-defense against Khmer Rouge: Carl Thayer
Famous specialist on Southeast Asia Carl Thayer said Vietnam was entirely justified under international law in exercising self-defense against the Khmer Rouge who first attacked Vietnamese island territories in 1975.
21:44, 2021/10/28
[Vietnam-US relations] Vietnam helps shape US-ASEAN Strategic Partnership: Carl Thayer
Vietnam matters to the US-ASEAN relations for its functions as a leading role, bridge, and active agent in promoting the relationship.
16:56, 2022/05/09
Vietnam can overlook China fishing ban in South China Sea: Prof. Thayer
The Professor said China has violated Vietnam’s sovereignty over the Paracel Islands and Exclusive Economic Zone, including the Gulf of Tonkin.
13:36, 2022/01/13
US releases first-ever detailed study against China claims in South China Sea
China’s illegal claims have put Beijing on a collision course with the Philippines, Vietnam, and other Southeast Asian nations.
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