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World Bank Group and Australian Gov’t help strengthen Vietnam’s capital market
The aim is to improve stock market operations to attract investors and diversify funding sources for the growth of domestic enterprises, supporting sustainable economic development.
20:42, 2021/42/30
Prospects for Vietnam’s capital market in new era
People and technology are considered as two pillars for the development of Vietnam's capital market.
02:16, 2020/16/25
M&A remains favorite channel for real estate developers in Vietnam
More transactions are expected to happen in the near future if market transparency improved and flexibility from investors becomes stronger.
00:57, 2019/57/24
Vietnam’s credit-to-GDP ratio on par with OECD countries
Such comparison suggests that the development of the banking sector may have been too rapid compared to the size of the economy.
17:04, 2019/04/10
Vietnam gov’t bond market equals 25.1% GDP in 2019
In 2021, Vietnam strives to have its government bond included in global recognized bond indices such as JP Morgan, Bloomberg Barclays, Citi World Government.
10:29, 2019/29/08
IFC wants land use rights as collateral for loans in Vietnam
Vietnamese law does not allow multilateral international financial institutions such as IFC to use red book, or land use rights certificate, for collateral loans.