31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
MIC launches campaign to clean up malicious codes on cyberspace
The campaign aims at reducing the proportion of computers in Vietnam being infected with malicious codes.
04:06, 2022/06/16
Hanoi responds to ASEAN Dengue Prevention Day 2022
The capital city has taken actions to prevent the outbreaks of dengue.
20:17, 2021/17/22
Campaign to make the world cleaner launched in Vietnam
The "Clean up the world” campaign has been responded by hundreds of millions of people in the world.
20:26, 2021/26/05
Hotels and restaurants join in “No Smoking” campaign in Hanoi
Restaurants and hotels will build an image of a professional, civilized, and fresh environment for tourists.
16:57, 2021/57/06
UNDP extends disaster-resilient house program for people in coastal Vietnam
UNDP believes that the support will help residents rebuilt their lives and livelihoods.
20:34, 2020/34/26
The search for happiness
A British man, who went through a rough patch, has found love of his life and settled down in Vietnam for more than a decade.
08:36, 2020/36/14
The Chinese factor in the US presidential election
This US campaign against China at this moment is attributable to two reasons.
16:57, 2020/57/27
Social distancing campaign by VTV24, Casper Vietnam goes viral
Thousands of people, including famous artists and celebs, have joined the campaign that acknowledge frontline workers.
00:21, 2020/21/06
Trump impeachment: Game over
This impeachment has made America even more polarized, politically, socially and morally.