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Hanoi plans to stockpile $1.7-billion goods for upcoming Tet
Retailers in Hanoi are requested to draft backup plans for each pandemic scenario to ensure sufficient provision of basic necessities for the locals under any circumstances.
21:44, 2021/08/12
Hanoi ensures sufficient basic necessities amid social distancing
The city is able to guarantee the locals a three-month supply with a volume of goods worth up to VND194 trillion (US$8.52 billion).
17:38, 2021/02/08
Hanoi committed to ensuring sufficient goods supplies amid Covid-19 outbreak
The local authorities have been cooperating with retailers in the city to stockpile basic necessities worth VND39.4 trillion (US$1.7 billion), up 5% against the last year.
20:39, 2021/01/13
Hanoi stockpiles basic necessities worth US$1.7-billion for upcoming Tet
During the festive period, consumption demand for rice, pork, beef, chicken, and vegetable is estimated to increase by 3 – 20%, while local producers could only meet 50 – 60% of the demand.
16:07, 2020/12/16
Retailers get ready for Lunar New Year holiday
Demand for consumer goods and products in Hanoi are set to surge in before, during and after the Lunar New Year holiday.
12:17, 2020/10/02
Hanoi sets up 28 stores for selling goods in upcoming Tet
The number of stores has doubled the amount required by the city’s leaders, while six out of 62 provinces and cities have registered to supply goods and products to these stores.
11:35, 2020/04/01
Hanoi ensures abundant supply of consumer goods in 15-day social distancing
Inventories of retail firms are capable of ensuring supply for Hanoi’s market in 60 – 90 days with estimated costs of VND174 trillion (US$7.48 billion).