31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Banks to cut interest rates in response to Covid-19
The cut, which begins from this month to late 2021, will depend on each bank’s financial situation.
14:35, 2021/35/22
Moody’s raises rating for 15 Vietnamese banks
Moody’s decision in upgrading the country’s outlook by two ranks from negative to positive is “unprecedented” since the Covid-19 outbreak, stated Vietnam’s Finance Ministry.
09:34, 2021/34/27
Banks provide packages to aid enterprises amid 3rd Covid-19 outbreak
Banks in Vietnam are responding to the government’s call in forgoing parts of their profits to support customers affected by the pandemic.
10:40, 2021/40/23
Interest rates likely to raise at end of first quarter
A low-interest rate environment in long term could make capital available for other investment channels, so banks are under pressure to readjust their savings mobilization rates to better attract idle capital.
09:27, 2021/27/18
Vietnamese banks offer promotion programs after Tet
In the first working day after a long holiday, customers often have high demand to open or withdraw money from saving accounts.
07:30, 2021/30/14
Banks urged to forego profit to aid economy: Expert
It seems a call from the central bank for credit institutions to forego their profits in 2020 to aid customers and businesses affected by the pandemic have not been effectively implemented.
17:16, 2021/16/07
Vietnam credit growth set to return to pre-Covid-19 level in 2021
The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV), the country’s central bank, could promote a reduction in financing costs and lower borrowing costs to help ease hardship for businesses.
12:58, 2021/58/06
MoF lists 17 market makers for debt market
As market markers, entities have the right to participate in the issuance and repurchase of government bonds and notes via bidding.
08:58, 2020/58/16
Vietnam banks promote loans with low interest rates by year-end
Given abundant liquidity and low demand for credit, banks are offering attractive loans during the year-end period.
09:09, 2020/09/07
Banks may face difficulty in raising foreign capital with regulator’s proposal
Capital and expertise of foreign investors can help speed up the banks’ restructuring process.
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